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    Car Window Tinting Hamilton

    Window tinting is becoming increasingly more popular. However, there are standards and measurement requirements you need to follow to make...

    Car Quarter Window Replacement Hamilton

    Does your car have a cracked or broken quarter window that needs to be replaced? Grimmer Motors can help. What...

    windshield window repair

    Broken Car Window Replacement in Hamilton

    What are the types of car windows? The front windshield is one of the most important safety features of your...

    car window

    Power Window Motor Regulator replacements in Hamilton

      About Window Motor Regulators: Almost all cars have power or electric windows these days. These power windows are windows...

    Electric window button.

    Electric / Power Window Fixes and Repairs

    What is an electric window? Unlike manual windows, the flick of a switch can raise or lower electric windows. Power...


    Car Window Repair & Servicing

    Are your vehicle’s electric windows not functioning correctly? Our team of car servicing specialists will fix your vehicle’s windows, allowing...