What is an electric window?

Unlike manual windows, the flick of a switch can raise or lower electric windows. Power windows require electricity to operate, meaning that to adjust the windows, you must engage the vehicle’s ignition. One advantage of power windows is that you can engage a safety lock. This prevents children from playing with the windows in the back seat. The driver is also able to control all of their power windows from the front seat. They also work quicker and more efficiently than manual windows, saving you time and effort. If you want more detailed information on how it works, check here. 

What causes an electric window to malfunction?

If your electric window has stopped going up and down, makes unfamiliar noises when lifting, raises unevenly, or moves exceptionally slowly, something is likely wrong internally. There are several reasons that your power windows may be malfunctioning. These include:

Inside of an electric window.

  • A worn window switch or motor – The window switch is simply the buttons that you use to lift and lower your window. Over time, this switch may be worn down, as can the motor that makes the window move.
  • Blown fuses – One way to understand what has caused your window to stop working is by determining which windows no longer work. If all windows have stopped working, you are likely dealing with a blown fuse. The fuse is located within the door.
  • Damaged wiring or electrical connections – Inside the doors is the inner workings of the electric windows that make them operate. This includes wiring that could become worn or damaged over time, which would cause the window to malfunction. If your car door needs repairs, see here. 
  • Damaged tracking guides – If the window is uneven in the frame, the tracking guide is likely damaged. This can make the window move around when you open and close it, creating gaps.

If you want to troubleshoot your window issues, there may be some steps you can take. Check here to see if you could resolve the issue yourself. If you are looking for information on manual windows and need repairs in Hamilton, see here.

Why should you replace parts in a broken electric window?

If any of these components fail, your window may stop working in the up or down, or partway up position, function slowly, or show resistance when it is being raised or lowered. The main issue with this is convenience. Additionally, if you cannot close the window entirely, this could cause a security issue. A partially open window makes your car easier to break into. Finally, open windows can cause other issues, such as reduced temperature control and excess noise while driving.

Electric/Power Window Replacement and Servicing in Hamilton

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