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    Seat Belts

    Frayed Seat Belt Replacement Hamilton

    Has a frayed seatbelt caused you to fail a Warrant of Fitness? Fraying seat belts are almost inevitable; it is...

    Seatbelt / Safety Belt Rewebbing Service in Hamilton

    Have you failed your WOF due to seat belt fraying? Over 40,000 vehicle fail their Warrant of Fitness each year...

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    Car Seat Belt Pretensioner Replacement Hamilton

    What does your car seat belt pretensioner do? Your seat belt pretensioner is one of the vital safety mechanisms in...

    Safety belt not retracting Repairs in Hamilton NZ

    Seat Belt Wont Retract Properly – Repairs in Hamilton

    Why won’t the seat belt retract properly? Seat belts are one of the most important safety components in your car....


    Car Seatbelt Repairs in Hamilton

    How do modern seat belts work? Seatbelts (or safety belts) have always been a vital component in vehicles safety systems....