Has a frayed seatbelt caused you to fail a Warrant of Fitness?

A frayed seat belt.

Fraying seat belts are almost inevitable; it is no surprise they are one of the most common causes of failed Warrant of Fitness tests for New Zealanders (see WOF requirements here).

As car technology becomes more advanced, simple repairs such as installing new seat belts becomes more expensive. Taking out seat belt safety mechanisms such as pre tensioners and sensors along with buying a whole new replacement belt can wind up coming at a high-price. Here at Grimmer Motors, rather than replacing the entire seat belt assembly, we can organise to reweb your seat belts making the process faster, easier, and less costly for you.

Why do seat belts fray?

Fraying occurs when the fabric of the seatbelt becomes worn, especially around the edges, and begins to unravel. It is caused by everyday usage such as rubbing against passengers, getting shut in doors, or caught on clothing and zips.

Why are frayed seat belts dangerous?

Even small amounts of fraying can be cause for concern. If you think about seat belts how you think about clothing, a small tear in a shirt can become a big hole when pulled. The same goes for seat belts; if you were to get into an accident with a frayed seat belt, when force is applied it will not be as strong as one in good condition. Because of this, we highly encourage getting worn seat belts fixed as soon as possible.

Why should you choose rewebbing over replacement?

Cheaper – As mentioned before, installing all new safety mechanisms can end up being costly. Some replacement seat belts alone can be up to $800+ alone, not including the cost of installation. Rewebbing saves you from these high prices.

Easier – Finding the correct part as a replacement can sometimes be more trouble than it is worth. Contacting wreckers is time-consuming, and the end result is often either ordering from overseas or taking parts from older models and vehicles. Rewebbing is much more time and effort effective.

Reliable – We always reweb seat belts to Warrant of Fitness compliance standards, meaning you do not need to worry about the gamble of purchasing second hand seat belts you cannot truly know the condition of. Rewebbing gives you seat belts you know you can trust in case of accidents.

Is your seat belt in need of repair in Hamilton?

If you have worn, torn, or fraying seat belts in Hamilton, we can help! By coming to Grimmer Motors, we guarantee seat belt rewebbing certain to pass your Warrant of Fitness (seat belts are part of safety checks; learn more here).The best part is, we can do it for cheaper and give you safer results than a standard replacement.

Contact Grimmer Motors today to organise a seat belt rewebbing in Hamilton today!