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    Car Coil Springs – Repair & Replacement

    What do the coil springs do? The coil springs (or suspension springs) are important suspension components in your vehicle. The...


    Car Heater not Working – Inspection & Repair

    How does the car heater work? The car heater is designed to keep you warm on cold days. Inside the...


    Engine Reconditioning in Hamilton

    What is engine reconditioning? Your engine provides the power that your vehicle needs to drive, making it the most important...


    Car Engine Not Cranking or Starting – Inspection & Repair

    Why won’t your car start? Inside your car’s engine is a mixture of air and fuel, supplied to the engine...


    How Often Should I get my Car Serviced?

    What is the purpose of car servicing? A car service allows mechanics to perform a thorough examination of your car,...


    Battery Light On – Inspection, Diagnostics & Repair

    What does the battery light mean? Your car’s battery is responsible for starting your car and powering the radio, speakers,...


    Car Stuck in Park Gear- Inspection, Diagnostics & Repair

    Why is your car stuck in park gear? A car that is stuck in park mode can be frustrating to deal...


    Engine Running Loudly – Inspections, Diagnostics & Repairs

    Why is your engine louder than normal? It is normal for your engine to produce noise. However, a loud engine...


    Car Engine Oil Filters Hamilton

    What do engine oil filters do? Over time, contaminants can find their way into your engine’s oil. These contaminants can...


    Engine Oil – Everything you need to know

    What does oil do? Inside your car’s engine, there are parts that move against each other. If these parts are...

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