If there are strange burning smells coming from your engine, then it is a good indication that something is wrong and will need to be fixed.

Leaving it up to chance in the hope that it comes right may result in long term damage and costly repairs and in some cases brake failure and cause fires. It is best to get it checked out by a mechanic ASAP.

What does that burning smell coming from my engine mean?

  • Burning Sulphur/ Rotten Eggs – this might indicate fuel injection problems, causing your catalytic converter to malfunction. It is best to have this looked at straight away so there is a good chance the catalytic convertor can be fixed and not need to be replaced.
  • Burning Oil – if you can smell burning oil your engine probably has an oil leak. If left unfixed, it can damage your engine and even cause a fire.
  • Burnt Carpet – this could be due to the exhaust pipe being too close to the chassis. You should have your exhaust repaired ASAP.
  • Fumes – if you can smell fumes then you probably have an exhaust leak. If the fumes from your exhaust get into the interior of your car this will raise the levels of carbon monoxide to dangerous levels. Get your exhaust examined and repaired straight away, and if it is really bad don’t drive your car at all, call your mechanic.
  • Burnt Rubber – burnt rubber smells from your engine are caused by slipping belts or overheating rubber hoses within your engine bay. You should book your vehicle in for an inspection so the exact problem can be found and repaired.
  • Burning Plastic – a burning plastic smell indicates a problem with your electrics, like a short circuit in your wiring. This type of problem can also pose a fire risk so you should get your vehicle inspected ASAP.
  • Petrol – you could have a petrol leak which is extremely dangerous and needs to be repaired straight away. Petrol leaks can cause fires when the gas comes in contact with the exhaust system. The best advice is to pull over and arrange for your car to be towed to your mechanic.

Should I get a burning smell coming from my engine looked at by a mechanic?

Yes. You should be especially careful if you can smell burning petrol, burning plastic, and burning carpet as these can cause fires and/or brake failure.

Burning smell from car engine Hamilton

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