If your car smells like petrol while you are parked or driving, it can mean several different things. The smell could be caused by a minor problem or a serious safety risk. Either way, you should get it diagnosed as soon as possible to be safe.

Below are some of the most common causes of petrol fumes in your vehicle:

Leaking fuel line

A leaking fuel line in a car can be a serious problem that can lead to a range of issues, including poor engine performance, increased emissions, and even a fire hazard. A fuel leak can occur for a variety of reasons, including corrosion, wear and tear, or damage to the fuel line. It’s important to identify and fix a fuel leak as soon as possible to avoid potential damage to your car and ensure your safety while driving.

Other ymptoms of a leaking fuel line include:

  • A strong gasoline smell inside or outside of the car
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Stalling or difficulty starting the car
  • Visible fuel leaks or stains on the ground under the car
  • A decrease in engine power or performance

Leaking fuel injector

The fuel injectors are responsible for adding fuel to the engine. The fuel mixes with air to create a combustion process that allows the car to run.

If the fuel injector is leaking, you may notice a strong smell of fuel inside and around the car. Ths will often be accompanied by:

  • Increased fuel consumption,
  • Hard starting
  • Rough idling

A leaking fuel injector is also a fire safety hazard, particularly because of its location near the engines exhaust and ignition system. We suggest that you get your leaking fuel injector(s) replaced immediately!

Air / fuel mixture too rich

Your car may be burning more fuel than it needs to. This is often referred to as a rich air / fuel ratio. When your car burns too much fuel, there will be an increase in petrol fumes coming from your exhaust.

A rich air/fuel ratio will also result in:

  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Weak engine power
  • Rough idling
  • Increased emissions

Overfilled gas tank

Sometimes, a petrol tank this has been filled past its limit can cause a noticeable petrol smell when driving. When this happens, the problem will likely fix itself as you drive and deplete the fuel in the tank.

Loose gas cap

If your car’s gas cap is loose or missing, petrol fumes can escape from your car, resulting in a noticeable smell.

Fuel Injector & Parts Replacement in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, we can quickly diagnose issues related to your fuel leaks. We can then provide you with excellent advice and what to do next. Our mechanics can service a variety of fuel leak-related faults, getting you SAFELY back on the road. .

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