Do you own a new vehicle that is need of repairs, but don’t want to pay dealership prices?

Then you are in luck. Grimmer Motors can help.

We are a locally owned mechanic that has provided Hamilton locals with automotive repairs and services for 85 years! At Grimmer Motors we offer a huge range of repairs and services at a fair price.

Here’s why you should choose a non-dealership for vehicle repairs

  • Local mechanics such as Grimmer Motors can often carry out the same repairs as a dealership but at a much lower cost to the consumer.
  • Local mechanics offer much more personalised service and you usually get to talk to the mechanic who actually worked on your vehicle.
  • A lot of dealerships rely on their servicing department to make a large portion of their profits. At Grimmer Motors we won’t try to upsell you unnecessary extras!

Why should you choose Grimmer Motors?

We are local: Grimmer Motors is a locally owned mechanic that has been around for 85 years! We strive to provide Hamilton locals with a friendly, stress-free approach to vehicle repairs and servicing.

Price: On average we charge around $30 less per hour for our services versus other dealership mechanics.

Quality: At Grimmer Motors we only use high-quality products and materials for all services and repairs. We 100% stand by our work.

Large range of repairs and services: We offer everything from vehicle light repair and replacement to in-depth vehicle diagnostics and much, much more.

Great service and Reviews: At Grimmer Motors we strive to provide great customer service, we love to get to know our customers. Some of whom have been coming back for decades!

New car repairs outside dealership in Hamilton

Do you require high-quality new vehicle servicing and repairs, but don’t want to pay dealership prices? If so, we can help! At Grimmer Motors, our team of skilled mechanics will be able to take care of all your needs. For vehicle servicing and repairs in Hamilton at a great price, contact Grimmer Motors today.

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