Are you looking for the mechanic in Hamilton that has been advertising on TV?

You are in the right place. That is us. Grimmer Motors, part of the Auto Super Shoppes network!

What is the Auto Super Shoppes network? 

Auto Super Shoppes is a network of independently owned and operated mechanics in New Zealand. The network was founded so that consumers could be certain that they will receive high-quality repairs and service at fair prices. All the members of Auto Super Shoppe, including Grimmer Motors, are independent mechanics, that have been hand-selected to join the network. Visiting a member mechanic will guarantee you a quality experience.

What are the benefits of choosing Auto Super Shoppes? 

The Auto Super Shoppes quality guarantee isn’t the only benefit of booking in your vehicle at Grimmer Motors. Our membership also guarantees that:

  • Your vehicle will only be repaired by qualified mechanics
  • Auto Super Shoppes members will provide you with detailed and clear explanations of repairs and services that need to be undertaken
  • A “no surprises” policy so expenses relating to your vehicle have your approval before repairs are undertaken
  • Free courtesy cars are provided, and sometimes a drop off and pick-up service is also provided
  • We are all about building long-term relationships with our customers – we will let you know and advise you about future repairs and servicing required for your vehicle

(You can find out more about Auto Super Shoppe here.)

Why should you choose Grimmer Motors?

Grimmer Motors is a locally owned mechanic that has been around for 85 years! We strive to provide Hamilton locals with a friendly, stress-free approach to vehicle repairs and servicing. We offer a huge range of repairs and services including:

  • Vehicle light repair and replacement
  • Replacing spark plugs
  • New batteries
  • Brake repairs
  • Starter Motor & Alternator Repair
  • Radiator & Cooling System Repair
  • Cambelts / Timing Belts
  • Head Gasket Repair
  • Exhaust & Muffler Repair
  • and much, much more

We are currently offering several special offers for Hamilton locals to take advantage of – which you can check out here.

Mechanics Advertised on TV in Hamilton

Do you require high-quality vehicle servicing and repairs, and want to support an independent and locally owned mechanic? If so, we can help! At Grimmer Motors we are a proud member of the Auto Super Shoppe Network, our team of skilled mechanics will be able to take care of all your needs. For vehicle servicing and repairs in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today.

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