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New Accelerator / Throttle Cable & Repair Hamilton

What is the accelerator / throttle cable? The accelerator cable (or throttle cable) assists in the control of your engine...


Oil Light is On – Inspection & Repair in Hamilton

What does the oil light mean? The oil light is used to warn you of oil leaks, low oil levels...


New Car Mirrors in Hamilton

All about car mirrors: In New Zealand, it is a legal requirement for your car to have a functioning right...


New Body Control Module (BCM) & Repair in Hamilton

What is the body control module computer? The body control module (or BCM) is a computer which is usually located...


New Engine Drive Belt Hamilton

Why a new engine drive belt is important: The drive belt (also known as the serpentine belt or v-belt) is...


New Car Battery Cables & Repair Hamilton

Why are battery cables important? Battery cables form a connection between your car’s battery and the starter/alternator plus cars electrical...


New Turbocharger Hamilton

About turbochargers: How a turbocharger works: Combustion engines use a mixture of air and fuel to create power. A turbocharger...


New Car Exhaust Hamilton

About car exhausts: As petrol burns in your car’s engine, exhaust fumes and gases are created. Your car’s exhaust system consists of...


Car Door Won’t Open / Close – Repairs in Hamilton

About car doors: It is important that your car doors work as they should. Doors allow you to easily exit...


New Brake Pads – Installation in Hamilton

All about brake pads: Brake pads are an important part of modern braking systems. They work with the brake disc/rotor...

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