What is causing your car to make thumping noises?

Car shaking while braking

A vibrating steering wheel can be caused by problems with your brakes, tyres or suspension.

You may have noticed a loud thumping noise when you are driving. There are several different reasons this can happen. The best way to narrow down the source of the issue is finding where the thumping is coming from:

  • Thumping from underneath your vehicle generally points to an issue with the tyres or suspension.  If the tyres are the issue, you may also be experiencing steering wheel vibrations or your car may pull to one side.
  • Thumping from the front of your vehicle means that there maybe an issue in your car’s engine or ignition system. You may have used an incorrect or low-octane fuel type. Alternatively, your spark plugs or other engine components may need replacement.


Causes of thumping noise while driving:

Tyre damage:

The most common cause of noticeable thumping and vibrations is an issue with one or more of your tyres. Sometimes this can be caused by a lack of air or uneven wear, other times it can be caused by the tread in the tyre separating internally. One way to test this is by driving slowly and letting go of the steering wheel (in a safe place). If the steering wheel vibrates or moves to the left or right, it is a sure sign that your tyre is due for an inspection or replacement.

Spark plugs due for replacement

Your spark plugs are responsible for igniting the air/fuel mixture in your engine, giving your car the power to drive. Over time, spark plugs can become damaged or ineffective, leading to non-optimal combustion. When this happens, you may experience thumping or knocking noises coming from your engine. Most mechanics recommend replacing the spark plugs every one to two years (depending on type of spark plugs).

Excess amounts of carbon in the engine:

Over time, carbon deposits will accumulate inside your engine. These deposits can form on valves, spark plugs and other important components and restrict your engine’s ability to burn fuel correctly. This will often result in a loud thumping or knocking noise coming from the engine. Getting a carbon clean will help remove these carbon deposits, allowing for much smoother engine operation.

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Loose or worn suspension mounts:

Suspension components such as struts or shocks are connected to the car’s chassis via a rubber or metal mount. As these mounts wear and deteriorate with age, they can cause the shock or strut to vibrate against the body of the vehicle. This results in loud thumping as you drive.

Worn out bump stops, faulty shock absorbers, sway bar bushes, steering rack mounts and joints can all cause thump noises in the car.


Car Thumping noise – Diagnostics & Repairs in Hamilton

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