Understanding how your insurance works in relation to the Warrant of Fitness (WOF) can be complex. It is important to know whether your insurance will be invalidated without a WOF. 

What is a WOF? 

The Warrant of Fitness is a regular check required by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) of your vehicle. It is to

Example of a typical mechanic performing a WOF inspection.

ensure your vehicle is operating safely to protect you and other drivers on the road. Even though your car may pass the WOF, it is the responsibility of all drivers to maintain the WOF standards for vehicle safety at all times. 

The Warrant of Fitness / WOF inspection is highly in-depth. Some of the components that will be examined include tyres, seatbelts, airbags, and brakes (full list here). Grimmer Motors provides top-notch WOF inspection services, visit here to see all the benefits of choosing our shop

Generally, annual WOF inspections should be performed. However, the time the vehicle was registered determines the length of time a WOF is valid for. To see a more in-depth breakdown of the WOF time frames, see the table from NZTA here

Do I lose my insurance with no WOF? 

Generally, it is a condition of your insurance to have a valid Warrant of Fitness / WOF. However, whether or not your insurance will be voided with no WOF is not a clear yes or no. A couple of factors are taken into consideration. 

Why did your vehicle fail the WOF? 

If you get into an accident with no WOF, one thing that will be questioned is the reason for your failed WOF. If the cause of the failed WOF was a contributing factor in the accident, the claim will likely be denied. 

Were there any other defects? 

If your car failed the WOF but had no other defects, it is safe to assume the claim will not be denied. However, this is given that the defect was not the cause of the accident, such as faulty brakes. 

Note: While your claim might not be denied, it is illegal to drive with an invalid WoF or with a car that does not meet WoF requirements. The only case in which a car is allowed to be driven in these circumstances is to get it repaired or to a WoF inspection, given that the vehicle is in good enough condition to do so. 

Why do I need a WOF?

The WOF is designed to ensure the safety of all drivers in New Zealand. Though some parts may seem less significant, every component of the WOF is crucial to preventing risks in case of an accident. This is the most important reason, but apart from that, you also do not want to risk facing extra fines by driving with no WOF. 

Warrant of Fitness Inspection in Hamilton

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Given that the foremost reason for any WOF is safety, you want to have your inspection done by people you can trust. That is why every WOF inspection is carefully performed with skill and  professionalism. We will ensure your car is up to standards, and if it isn’t, you can book with us to get quick and reliable repairs for a range of issues. Contact us today to book your WOF inspection in Hamilton! 


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