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    High Car Fuel Consumption – Diagnosis & Repair in Hamilton

    About fuel consumption: Fuel consumption (or fuel economy / fuel efficiency) is a measurement that depicts how much fuel your...


    New Trailer Leaf Springs Hamilton

    What do trailer leaf springs do? Trailer leaf springs are an important, but often neglected part of the trailer’s suspension....


    New Car Sun Visors Hamilton

    About car sun visors: Sometimes, the sun can shine directly in your eyes while driving which can limit your view...


    New Diesel Fuel Injectors & Cleaning / Repairs in Hamilton

    About diesel fuel injectors: Diesel vehicles deliver fuel to the engine via injectors, which send diesel fuel directly into each...


    New Car Mud Flaps / Guards in Hamilton

    Why are car mudflaps important? The mudflaps (commonly referred to as mudguards, splash guards or tyre guards) are used to...


    New Trailer Wheel Bearings in Hamilton

    About trailer wheel bearings: Just like your car’s wheels, trailer wheels have bearings which help each wheel to spin with as...

    LED light for trailer

    New LED Trailer Lights Hamilton

    About trailer tail lights: Just like cars, there are several regulations that need to be addressed in order to have...


    Free Car Wash in Hamilton

    Free Car Wash with any Service, Inspection or Repair At Grimmer Motors, you can take advantage of a bonus eco...


    New Car Coil Springs Hamilton

    What do coil springs do? Car coil springs (or car suspensions springs) are made with wide gap coils that compress...


    New Car Wheel Bearings Hamilton

    What do wheel bearings do? The contact surface between the wheel’s center (hub) and the axle is subject to large...

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