If you can feel vibration when you are driving chance are something is wrong, and it will need to be fixed by your mechanic

Leaving it up to chance in the hope that it comes right may result in long term damage and costly repairs. It is best to get it checked out by a mechanic ASAP.

If you can feel your car shaking or vibrating while out on the road it could be caused by a number of different problems, most of which will require a mechanic to repair them.

Nine reasons why your car might be vibrating

  1. Engine Problems

If you can feel a vibration coming from the engine bay it might be because it isn’t getting the proper amount of air, fuel, or spark that it needs to run smoothly. This problem can be as simple as getting your spark plugs replaced to fix it. It is best to get your mechanic to take a look ASAP.

  1. Bad Motor Mounts

Your motor mounts or engine mounts keep your engine in place. If you can feel a vibration coming from your engine then your mounts might be loose or broken and need to be replaced.

  1. Brakes

If the vibration seems to get worse when you apply the brakes, then you might have a faulty brake rotor. The rotor can get bent out of shape due to heavy wear and tear – which causes vibration when the brake pads rub up against it.

  1. Axle Problems

If an axle gets bent out of shape it can cause your car to vibrate. Any collision (even if minor) will probably make this happen so it will need to be checked out by your mechanic to determine the level of damage.

  1. Loose Steering Components

The steering components in your car, like many other parts, can wear out which can lead to vibration occurring when you steer your car. This can be quite a serious issue, so it is best to book your vehicle in with your mechanic straight away.

  1. Power Steering Problems

If you can feel the vibration even when you turn the steering wheel whilst it is in ‘park’, then this might be caused by a problem with your power steering. Again, get this checked out ASAP.

  1. Unbalanced Wheels

When your wheels are unbalanced this can cause your car to vibrate, this is a difficult problem to diagnose on your own so it is best to get your mechanic to check it out. Luckily, it’s fairly inexpensive to get checked out and fixed.

  1. Bent or Damaged Wheels

Damaged wheels are another common cause of vibration. Just going over potholes can cause your wheels to get damaged.

  1. Tyres

Old and worn-out tyres can contribute to vibrations in your car’s ride. You might need to replace your tyres to stop it from happening. This is another problem that isn’t overly expensive to solve, and it is worth doing to avoid the problem getting worse.

Should I get my car looked at by a mechanic if it is vibrating?

It is important to get your car looked at by your mechanic ASAP if it is vibrating while driving. At the end of the day if you don’t get it looked at and fixed it won’t go away by itself and might become worse over time.

Vibration while driving Hamilton

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