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Car Noises


Clicking Sound when Driving – Inspection & Repair

What causes a clicking sound while you are driving? When you hear a clicking noise while you are driving, it...


Noisy Clutch – Inspection & Repair

About the clutch The clutch is what creates the connection between the engine and transmission in a manual vehicle. The...


Timing Chain Rattling – Repair & Replacement

What does the timing chain do? The timing chain is a metal chain located inside your car’s engine. Unlike a...


Knocking Noise in Engine – Inspection & Repairs

What does a knocking engine mean? Inside a combustion engine, air and fuel are burnt to create energy, giving the...


Noisy, Grinding, Squealing Brakes – Inspection & Repair Hamilton

About noisy brakes Brake noises can be irritating and sometimes embarrassing, but they can also alert you to problems in...

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