What causes a clicking sound while you are driving?

When you hear a clicking noise while you are driving, it can be unnerving. Clicking noises can be made from loose components making contact, or struggling to turn your vehicle. A clicking noise can point to several different problems in your vehicle. These include problems in your drive belt, suspension, CV joints or tyres. Below is a list of common causes:

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Damaged drive belt:Drive Belt Replacement

The drive belt (or serpentine belt) is an important component that transfers power to various parts of your car. A worn drive belt or drive belt tensioner can cause clicking while you are driving. This is caused by the belt stretching and hitting surrounding components. 

Other symptoms of a damaged or snapped drive belt include:

  • Loud engine operation
  • Increased engine temperature
  • Loss of power steering

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Damaged CV joint:CV joints, CV boots

The CV joint is found on front-wheel drive vehicles and connects the wheels to the transmission. A damaged CV joint will cause clicking noises to come from the front of your car while you are making sharp turns.

Other symptoms of a damaged CV joint include:

  • Vibration while driving
  • The steering feels loose or unstable
  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Grease leaking from the CV joint

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Damaged suspension struts:

The suspension struts reduce the impact from bumps and allow the vehicle to turn in response to the driver’s steering. If you hear clicking noises when the steering wheel is completely turned left or right, the suspension strut is the most likely culprit. 

Other symptoms of damaged suuspension struts include:

  • Poor handling
  • The car feels unstable – it bounces and sways more
  • The vehicle may “bottom out” when going over bumpy terrain

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Loose/cracked hubcaps:tyre pressure

Many vehicles have hubcaps that cover the center of their wheels. If the hubcap becomes loose or cracked, you may hear clicking sounds when turning, or popping sounds as air passes through the hubcap at higher speeds.


How important is fixing clicking noises while driving?

The significance of the problem depends on which component needs to be replaced. A loose hubcap won’t cause much difficulty driving whereas a damaged suspension component can make it difficult to turn your vehicle. 

Regardless of what the cause of the clicking noises is, it is always best to get the problem diagnosed. Some of the more serious issues can affect the safety of your vehicle, especially when driving at higher speeds or making sharp turns.


Clicking Noises – Inspection & Diagnostics in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, we can diagnose, service and fix the source of your vehicle’s annoying clicking noise. This will allow you to drive without any worries. 

Our team of skilled mechanics has a lot of experience in diagnosing and fixing suspicious noises coming from your vehicle. We can then provide high-quality, reliable services to get your car running optimally again.

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