Why do headlights need to be adjusted?

Headlights should aim not too low but not too high.

Your car’s headlights require more than just bright bulbs to function safely and correctly. The bulbs need to aim properly at the road, providing you with the ability to see far in front of you and providing the right amount of visibility for other cars to see you from a distance without blinding on coming drivers.

  • If the headlights are too low, you won’t be able to see things in the distance. Other drivers may take longer to notice your car coming.
  • If the headlights are aimed too high, you won’t be able to clearly see the road in front of you and you will blind other oncoming drivers.

Sometimes, your car’s headlights will require adjustment so that they can be aimed at the right angle. Over time, the headlight may lean in the wrong direction. This can happen due to incorrect bulb replacement. A headlight focusing service will realign the lights with the road, allowing for improved safety when driving at night.

It should also be noted that in New Zealand, incorrectly focused headlights can lead to your car failing its Warrant of Fitness / WOF.


I’ve failed my Warrant of Fitness due to headlight issues

In order to pass your Warrant of Fitness (WOF), your headlights must follow several rules outlined by the NZTA. Below are some of these rules:

  • You may fail a WOF if a headlight is damaged, insecure, obscured or filled with moisture.
  • You may fail a WOF if a headlight is not bright enough to effectively illuminate the road. This can also happen due to modifications or changes to the angle the headlight is facing.
  • You may fail a WOF if one or more headlights is misaligned, pointing to the left, right, or toward the ground.

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Regardless of the issue, our team of skilled mechanics can quickly and correctly fix the headlights, allowing you to pass your Warrant of Fitness and get your car back out on the road.


Can you drive with misaligned headlights?

Although daytime driving isn’t affected by your headlight alignment, extra caution should be taken at night. Drive slowly on open roads to ensure you can see what is in front of you and that other cars have enough time to see your headlights.

We recommend getting your misaligned or unfocused headlights fixed as soon as possible. This will improve visibility at night and allow you to drive much more safely.



Car Headlight Focusing and Adjustment in Hamilton

Is your car in need of headlight focusing or adjustment? If so, we can help! At Grimmer Motors, we can carefully adjust your car’s headlights to the right angle and position. This will allow for greater safety and visibility when driving in the dark. Additionally, an adjustment will prevent you from failing your next Warrant of Fitness for headlight problems.

We fix and service all types of car lighting including headlights, fog lights or reverse lights. For reliable car lighting repairs, servicing, replacement and adjustment in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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