Why won’t the car battery hold a charge?

Car alternator

The alternator is the main part of your car’s charging system.

Nothing is more frustrating than a flat car battery, especially if the problem is continuously happening. A flat battery will prevent your car from starting until the battery is jump-started. However, a battery that won’t hold a charge will quickly run flat after jump-starting, making the jump-starting process futile. There are several different reasons a battery can hold a charge. These include:

  • Electrical current not reaching the battery.
  • Problems with the terminals, cables and wiring.
  • A battery due for replacement.
  • A malfunctioning part of your battery’s charging system.

How does your car battery’s charging system work?


Causes of the car battery not holding a charge:

Battery due for replacement – Car batteries have a limited lifespan. If the battery is very old, it can lose its ability to hold a charge. Car batteries should generally be replaced every 3-5 years.
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Faulty alternator – The alternator is a key component in your car’s charging system. It provides the battery with electrical power and charges the car battery while your car’s engine is running. If the alternator encounters a problem, it may prevent your car’s battery from charging properly. 

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Extreme temperatures – Extreme heat or cold can affect the chemical reactions inside the battery and reduce its ability to hold a charge.

Parasitic draw – A parasitic draw is an electrical load that remains on the battery even when the vehicle is turned off. This can drain the battery over time and prevent it from holding a charge. Common causes of this include incorrectly wired stereos, speakers, and other aftermarket accessories.

Faulty alternator components – Loose or stretched belts and damaged alternator belt tensioners can prevent an alternator from working correctly. This can starve your car’s battery of energy and cause your car not to start. 

Damage to battery terminals or wiring – The battery is linked to the rest of your vehicle via terminals and cables. These components can become damaged due to corrosion, limiting the flow of power to and from the battery.

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Car Battery Not Charging – Diagnostics & Replacement in Hamilton

Is your car’s battery not holding a charge? If so, we can help!

When diagnosing battery-related issues, it’s important to locate the root of the issue, rather than just replacing the battery. This is because it’s often another component preventing a perfectly healthy battery from charging correctly.

At Grimmer Motors, our skilled mechanics can use the latest electronic testing tools to quickly diagnose faults in your battery and charging system. We can then provide high-quality alternator replacements or a new car battery that will last the test of time.  This includes:

  • Battery replacement
  • Battery terminal cleaning and corrosion removal
  • Fixing of faulty wiring in the charging system
  • Replacement of the alternator or starter motor
  • Diagnosing parasitic draw in your vehicle

Please note – if we need to replace your car battery or car alternator, then we will recycle your old scrap car battery and donate the proceeds towards Tree for Survival which has local school children planting, and nurturing native trees in our local community.

For battery, alternator, and charging component replacements, and diagnostics in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!


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