After you’ve had a car with an electric sliding door, you never want to go back to opening manually. If your electric sliding door seems to be broken, you may want to investigate the issue and get it resolved before any more damage occurs, and so you can keep the convenience of entering your car with the push of a button.

How Do Electric Sliding Doors Work?

If you are curious about what is going on inside your electric sliding door, it is actually quite straightforward. The system consists of a motor, tracks, cables, and a button. When you push the button to open the door, the motor begins working to pull the door by the cables along the track (See here for more detail). Then, voila! An open door.

What Are the Signs of an Electric Sliding Door Malfunctioning?

The signs that an electric sliding door is not working properly may be obvious, but some issues related to the motor may be harder to detect. Some of the most common signs are:

  • Grinding noise when opening 
  • Partial or no opening/closing 

    Internal mechanism of the door handle.

  • Having to manually pull the door open or closed
  • Visibly broken door handle
  • Whirring motor sound when opening 
  • Visibly obstructed track 
  • Loose door window 

What Causes a Broken Electric Sliding Door? 

Some of the most common causes of a broken sliding door include:

Motor burnout – If the mechanisms in the car door, especially the tracks, are not kept clean it makes it more difficult for the motor to run. This can lead to burnout.  

Cable wear and tear – The cables must be strong enough to pull the door in order for it to slide. If the cables are too weak and worn out, this will cause the door not to open properly.

Frequent Use – Just like most other parts, the more you use it, the more worn down it will become. If the sliding mechanism is being heavily utilised, it will wear out quicker.

Track blockage – If large bits of debris get in the track, it will prevent the door from opening or closing all the way.

Manually pulling – If you have been manually opening or closing the door when the motor is working, it puts pressure against the motor which can wear it out over time.  

Flatcar battery – If there is no juice in your car battery, this may also cause the motorized systems elsewhere in the car not to work, including the electric door. See here for more information on flat car batteries.

There may also be some issues related to the same reasons a normal car door won’t open or close. See here for details on this issue.

Why Should You Get a Broken Electric Sliding Door Replaced? 

The most obvious reason to get your car door replaced if the motor seems to be failing is for convenience’s sake. The sliding door function is above all labour-saving, so when they are not functioning properly it can be a pain. Apart from this though, if the door is difficult to shut, this is something to be especially wary of. If the door becomes difficult to shut you may risk not latching the door properly and having it open while on the road. As you can imagine, this can be a major safety issue. If after trying to fix the issue the door still seems to be malfunctioning, you may need to seek professional help. 

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