What does the A/C condenser do?

The air conditioning condenser is an important part found in car air conditioning systems. In your car’s air conditioning system, a refrigerant is used to cool air as it passes through. The role of the condenser is to convert the refrigerant from a high-temperature vapour to a liquid via condensation. 

The A/C condenser is located in front of the radiator and works by sending refrigerant through a series of thin tubes and fins. As air flows over the fins, heat from the refrigerant is transferred to the air, cooling the refrigerant. The cooled refrigerant is then sent to the evaporator, where it is used to cool the air inside the vehicle.

In the event that the condenser fails, your entire air conditioning system will be affected. It may not be able to blow cold air or in some cases, even turn on. The condenser may need to be replaced or cleaned in order to restore correct functionality to your car’s air conditioning system.

How does car air conditioning work?


Causes of a faulty A/C condenser:

  • Worn seals – The condenser uses seals to prevent refrigerant from leaking. Over time, these seals can wear, causing the refrigerant to leak out. This is often caused by general wear and tear, and is more common on older vehicles.
  • Debri blockages – Over time, debris can find their way into your car’s air conditioning system. These debris can block important passages, limiting the flow of air and preventing your air conditioning from working correctly. 


Symptoms of a faulty A/C condenser:

A faulty air conditioning (A/C) condenser in your car can cause several symptoms, including:

  • Warm air coming from the vents: If the A/C condenser is faulty, the air blowing from the vents may be warm or only slightly cool, even when the A/C is turned on to full blast.
  • Reduced A/C cooling efficiency: A faulty A/C condenser can cause reduced cooling efficiency, making it more difficult to cool the interior of the vehicle on hot days.
  • A/C not turning on: If the A/C condenser is completely failed, the air conditioning system may not turn on at all.
  • Noticeable leaks: If you notice that your air conditioning system is not working, check under your car for leaks. The condenser can develop leaks due to damage or old age. When high-pressure refrigerant leaks from the system, it will affect the system’s ability to produce cold air.

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Car Air Conditioning Condenser Inspection & Replacement in Hamilton

Is your car’s air conditioning system in need of a new condenser? If so, we can help!

At Grimmer Motors, our experienced mechanics can perform an inspection of your car’s air conditioning components. This will allow us to determine if the condenser needs replacement. If it does need replacement, we can arrange for a specialist to install a replacement part that will last the test of time.

Benefits of fixing the A/C condenser include a more powerful A/C system that blows cold air when it’s meant to.  This means much moire comfortable driving in hot summer weather.

For new car air conditioning condenser installation in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today!

Please Note  we don’t generally stock or supply just “parts only” for this service. We are a general automotive repair workshop. If you are able to bring your vehicle to us, we can diagnose the problem, find and fit the necessary parts, or organise the appropriate service for you.

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