What does the ABS pump motor do?

The anti-lock braking system is a safety mechanism in most vehicles. It allows you to keep control of your car when the brakes are applied by preventing wheel-locking.

The ABS pump motor is an important part of your vehicle’s anti-lock braking system. It is a small electric motor and pump which is connected to each brake line via a control system. Inside the ABS pump motor are electronically controlled valves which adjust the hydraulic brake fluid pressure for each wheel according to wheel speed to prevent the wheels locking up under heavy braking.


Causes of a malfunctioning ABS pump motor:

Age – Like most other components with moving parts, the ABS motor loses its ability to function correctly after prolonged periods of use.

Seized ABS Pump Motor – If the vehicle has been sitting for a long period or the ABS pump motor has not been activated for a long period of time, then the valves and and pump itself can corrode and seize up. This means your ABS brakes will no longer work, and will normally bring the ABS warning light on the dash. There will also be a fault code in the ABS ECU stating there is an ABS pump motor malfunction.

Old Brake Fluid – brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air over time.  This moisture can be very damaging to the ABS pump motor vanes and valves, Therefore we strongly recommend getting your brake fluid flushed / changed every 2 to 3 years.

Dirty Brake Fluid Flushing in Hamilton

Failing ECU – The ABS ECU is the computer that controls your ABS system. If it is malfunctioning, the ABS pump motor won’t distribute pressure correctly, or may not activate at all.

What are Engine Car Computers or ECUs?


Symptoms of a malfunctioning ABS pump motor:

abs lightABS light is on – If the ABS motor is not distributing brake fluid pressure correctly, the ECU will detect the problem and the ABS light will illuminate on your dash.
ABS light diagnostics in Hamilton

Wheels locking – You may experience wheel locking while braking. You may lose control of your vehicle, especially when turning and braking at the same time.

Odd noises – you may hear strange or different noises from under the bonnet if the ABS pump motor starts to fail.


Can you drive with a malfunctioning ABS system?

Anti-lock braking is an important safety feature that has been in vehicles for decades. Driving with a malfunctioning ABS system is illegal as ABS is a Warrant of Fitness requirement. This is due to the risks of losing control if you have to brake suddenly. Therefore if you ABS light turns on, then you need to immediately take your vehicle to your trusted mechanic to have it diagnosed and fixed.

If you have to drive with a malfunctioning ABS system, try to avoid sudden braking, especially in the rain, on gravel roads, or around roundabouts and sharp corners.


ABS pump motor replacement in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, we can help you with your ABS pump motor to quickly get you back on the road. Our team of mechanics can quickly diagnose problems in your ABS system.

Additionally, we are able to perform advanced fault code diagnostics on your vehicle. This allows us to quickly scan / diagnose the problem with your ABS system and fix it. For safe, reliable, reputable ABS repairs in Hamilton, contact Grimmer Motors today.

Please Note  we don’t generally stock or supply just “parts only” for this service. We are a general automotive repair workshop. If you are able to bring your vehicle to us, we can diagnose the problem, find and fit the necessary parts, or organise the appropriate service for you.

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