What does the ABS Brake Fluid Sensor / Switch do?

The ABS (or Anti-lock Braking System) is a safety feature that prevents your vehicle’s brakes from locking when you come to a stop. The ABS system uses several sensors. One of these sensors is the ABS brake fluid sensor / switch.

The role of the ABS brake fluid level sensor / switch is to detect the amount of brake fluid present in the brake fluid reservoir. This is important because the entire brake system relies on brake fluid to operate correctly. Brake fluid allows your vehicle’s brakes to function correctly, allowing the vehicle to stop quickly when it needs to.


What does the ABS Brake Fluid Sensor / Switch look like?

There are different types of brake fluid sensors / switches.

Some measure a change in the electrical properties when the brake fluid sensor / switch is immersed in brake fluid, or when there is no brake fluid.

Another type of brake fluid sensor / switch is like the one shown to the picture in the right. This type uses a “float” that goes up and down depending on the level of brake fluid. If the brake fluid is too low, the float reaches the bottom of its travel, and closes a set of switch contacts, bringing the ABS or Brake warning light on.


What are the symptoms of a faulty ABS Brake fluid sensor / switch?

There are several symptoms associated with a faulty or damaged ABS brake fluid sensor / sensor. You can find a list of these below:

abs lightABS light on – The ABS light is your vehicle’s way of warning you there is a problem with your ABS system. When the ABS fluid sensor / switch malfunctions, the light will illuminate. It will usually stay on until the problem is fixed.

When the ABS light turns on, a fault code will be saved to your vehicle. These codes can be read with diagnostic tools, allowing for a quick diagnosis of the problem. Get a fault code scan >

Problems while braking – The ABS system allows for smooth braking without wheels locking. When your ABS system malfunctions, you may find that your wheels lock more often when you brake, causing you to lose control of your vehicle.


How important is an ABS Brake fluid sensor / switch replacement?

It is important that your ABS system functions correctly while you are braking. If not, you run the risk of losing control of your vehicle, especially on slippery services. We recommend that you get your ABS sensor replaced by a mechanic as soon as possible.


ABS Brake Fluid Sensor / Switch Repair & Replacement in Hamilton

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An ABS fluid sensor / switch replacement will allow for greater safety while braking and more control over your vehicle. For a vehicle repair you can rely on, book your appointment with Grimmer Motors today!


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