When it comes to ensuring your vehicle is safe and compliant with New Zealand’s road standards, having a valid Warrant of Fitness (WOF) is essential. Grimmer Motors, with their extensive expertise in vehicle servicing and repairs, is an excellent choice for Hamilton residents needing to pass their WOF inspection. Mirrors play a critical role in vehicle safety and are subject to inspection during a WOF assessment. Here are four essential mirror adjustments and repairs you should be aware of before your next WOF.

1. Proper Mirror Alignment: A WOF Must

Ensuring Clear Visibility for Safe Driving

To pass the WOF, your vehicle’s mirrors must be correctly aligned. Proper alignment ensures that you have a full view of the road behind and to the sides without significant blind spots. Side mirrors should be positioned to give you a slight view of the edge of your car, while the rear-view mirror must present an unobstructed view of the rear window. Regular checks and adjustments can prevent mirror-related WOF fails and keep you safe on the road.

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2. Mirror Glass Replacement: Clarity Matters

Cracked Mirrors can Compromise Your WOF

A cracked or damaged mirror glass not only hinders your visibility but can also lead to a WOF fail. If you notice any damage, it’s essential to replace the glass promptly. Doing so not only ensures compliance with safety standards but also provides you with the clarity needed for safe driving. High-quality replacement glass can be sourced and fitted by professionals like Grimmer Motors to guarantee durability and performance.

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3. Mirror Casing Repairs: Don’t Overlook the Details

Maintaining Mirror Housings for Full Functionality

The condition of your mirror casing might seem insignificant, but it’s also part of the WOF checklist. A cracked or damaged casing can lead to further issues, including compromised mirror stability. Simple fixes might involve securing the casing, while more severe damage may require a complete casing replacement. Grimmer Motors can handle these repairs efficiently, ensuring your mirrors remain stable and functional.

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4. Electronic Mirror Adjustments: Technological Precision

Ensuring Advanced Mirrors Operate Correctly

With more vehicles featuring electronic mirror adjustments, it’s vital that these systems function correctly to pass a WOF inspection. If your vehicle has electronic mirrors, any issues with their operation should be professionally diagnosed and repaired. Grimmer Motors is equipped with the necessary technology to handle sophisticated electronic systems, ensuring your mirrors adjust accurately and reliably for safe driving.

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Choosing Grimmer Motors for your mirror adjustments and repairs in Hamilton ensures that:

  • You receive professional and accurate service.
  • Your vehicle meets all WOF mirror requirements.
  • You drive safely with optimal visibility.
  • Advanced electronic systems are correctly diagnosed and repaired.

Hamilton residents can trust Grimmer Motors for top-notch service and expertise. Ensure your vehicle is WOF-ready by addressing any mirror concerns with the help of Grimmer Motors.

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