For drivers in Hamilton, ensuring your vehicle is ready for its Warrant of Fitness (WOF) can be a straightforward process if you focus on key maintenance areas. One such area is the condition of your wiper blades, which are critical for maintaining visibility during the varied weather conditions of New Zealand. Grimmer Motors, with its extensive experience and expertise, can guide you through three simple wiper blade repairs to pass your WOF effortlessly. Let’s delve into these repairs to ensure your windshield remains crystal clear.

1. Inspect and Replace Worn Wiper Blades

Keep Your Visibility Clear for WOF Success

You might not give them much thought, but wiper blades significantly contribute to your driving safety, especially during sudden downpours. Regular inspection of your wiper blades is crucial, and it’s something the team at Grimmer Motors takes seriously. Look for signs of wear, such as cracks or tears, and make sure they’re not producing excessive noise. If your wipers leave streaks or fail to clear the windshield properly, it’s time for a replacement. For WOF success and safety on the road, ensure your wiper blades make full contact with the glass and are free of damage. Book your wiper blade inspection or replacement in Hamilton.

2. Clean or Replace Wiper Blade Refills

Enhance Wiper Efficiency and Longevity

Wiper blade refills can become clogged with road grime and particles, leading to poor performance. Before opting for a full wiper blade replacement, consider cleaning the refills. Using a soft cloth or sponge and a mild detergent, you can often restore them to good working condition. If this doesn’t improve performance, Grimmer Motors recommends replacing the refills. This is a cost-effective method to maintain clear vision and extend the life of your wiper blades, ensuring you’re ready for that all-important WOF. Learn more about wiper blade maintenance.

3. Adjust Wiper Arm Tension and Alignment

Ensure Optimal Contact for Streak-Free Wiping

Misaligned wiper arms or incorrect tension can compromise your wipers’ ability to clean the windshield. This can result in skipping, chattering, or inadequate contact with the glass. Grimmer Motors can examine the alignment and tension of your wiper arms, making the necessary adjustments. Proper tension and alignment not only enhance performance but also prevent potential WOF issues related to visibility. Get your wiper arms checked and adjusted professionally in Hamilton.


Grimmer Motors understands the importance of wiper blade maintenance for a trouble-free WOF in Hamilton. By following these three simple repairs—inspecting and replacing worn blades, cleaning or changing blade refills, and adjusting arm tension—you ensure a streak-free and safe driving experience. Choose Grimmer Motors for:

    • Expert advice and thorough inspection services
    • Cost-effective maintenance solutions
    • Professional adjustments for optimal wiper performance

Prepare for your next WOF with confidence knowing your vehicle’s wipers will perform when you need them most. Schedule your appointment today with Grimmer Motors.

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