About preventative car maintenance:

Early diagnostics and repairs can prevent problems in your vehicle from getting worse.  An example of this is a cambelt replacement. Getting the cambelt / timing belt replaced before it snaps can prevent thousands of dollars worth of engine damage. These types of procedures are often referred to as preventative maintenance

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Maintenance checklist for your vehicle:

Below is a list of vehicle maintenance services that can save you money when performed early, or in accordance with maintenance recommendations. 


Under the hood:

Cambelt/Timing Belt

The cambelt (or timing belt) keeps your engine running in time, preventing serious damage. It should be replaced every 100,000 km.

Water Pump

The water pump is what pumps coolant around your engine and radiator. In order to save future labour costs, it is usually replaced at the same the cambelt.

Cooling System

The cooling system keeps your engine’s temperature at a suitable level. Repairing at the first signs of overheating will prevent expensive damage to your engine.



Engine Oil

Oil is the blood of your engine. It lubricates the engine’s moving components to extend their lifespan and prevent wear. In order to prevent wearing of engine components, the oil should be replaced every 10,000 km.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid creates hydraulic compression, allowing your car’s brakes to function normally. It should be replaced before your brakes malfunction and compromise the safety of your vehicle. Keep your brake fluid in good condition by replacing it every 40,000 km.


Coolant is used by the cooling system to keep your engine’s temperatures at a healthy level. Old, stale coolant can cause corrosion and overheating in your engine and serious damage over time. Keep the engine healthy by replacing the coolant every 50,000 Km.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid helps to lubricate your vehicle’s transmission system. This significantly reduces friction and heat, which can cause damage to your car’s transmission system over time. Transmission fluid should be replaced every 30,000 km.




It is important that your vehicle’s tyres are changed when their tread depth falls below 1.5mm. This prevents your vehicle from sliding and losing control.

Dashboard Warning Lights

A dashboard warning light appears when your car’s computer detects a problem. Dashboard warning lights can point to serious problems that can cause damage to our vehicle over time. For this reason, they should be diagnosed immediately.


Brake safety is an important part of preventative maintenance. This is because faulty brakes can lead to you and your vehicle being in a serious accident. Damaged brake discs, pads, shoes and drums should be repaired as soon as the issue is noticed.


Advanced maintenance and repairs for your vehicle in Hamilton:

At Grimmer Motors, we can provide your vehicle with high-quality maintenance and repairs. This will prevent existing issues from getting worse and save you a lot of time, stress and money.

Our mechanics are fast and skilled in diagnosing and fixing problems. We can also give you quality advice on what is best for you and your vehicle. For honest, friendly advice you can trust for vehicle maintenance in Hamilton, contact Gimmer Motors today!


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