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New Coolant Temperature Sensor in Hamilton

About the coolant/radiator temperature sensor: The coolant temperature sensor (or temperature switch) is a small sensor that measures the temperature...


Front or Rear Demister not Working – Repairs in Hamilton

What do the front/rear demisters do? It is important that you are able to see through the fog on your...


New Radiator Hoses in Hamilton

What are radiator hoses? Radiator hoses are an important part of your car engine cooling system. They carry the coolant...


Resetting Dashboard Lights in Hamilton

About dashboard lights: Dashboard warning lights are used to warn drivers of potential problems in their vehicles. Most cars have...


Car Engine Oil Leak Repair in Hamilton

About oil leaks: Have you ever noticed oil leaking from underneath your car engine? If so, you will need it...


New Wheel Hub Assembly & Repairs Hamilton

What does the wheel hub assembly do? Located between the drive axle and brake drum/rotor on each wheel, the wheel...


New Car Engine Hamilton

About engine installation: The engine is the heart of your vehicle and provides it with the necessary power to drive. ...


New Accelerator / Throttle Cable & Repair Hamilton

What is the accelerator / throttle cable? The accelerator cable (or throttle cable) assists in the control of your engine...


Oil Light is On – Inspection & Repair in Hamilton

What does the oil light mean? The oil light is used to warn you of oil leaks, low oil levels...


New Car Mirrors in Hamilton

All about car mirrors: In New Zealand, it is a legal requirement for your car to have a functioning right...

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