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New Body Control Module (BCM) & Repair in Hamilton

What is the body control module computer? The body control module (or BCM) is a computer which is usually located...


New Engine Drive Belt Hamilton

Why a new engine drive belt is important: The drive belt (also known as the serpentine belt or v-belt) is...


New Car Battery Cables & Repair Hamilton

Why are battery cables important? Battery cables form a connection between your car’s battery and the starter/alternator plus cars electrical...


New Turbocharger Hamilton

About turbochargers: How a turbocharger works: Combustion engines use a mixture of air and fuel to create power. A turbocharger...


New Car Exhaust Hamilton

About car exhausts: As petrol burns in your car’s engine, exhaust fumes and gases are created. Your car’s exhaust system consists of...


Car Door Won’t Open / Close – Repairs in Hamilton

About car doors: It is important that your car doors work as they should. Doors allow you to easily exit...


New Brake Pads – Installation in Hamilton

All about brake pads: Brake pads are an important part of modern braking systems. They work with the brake disc/rotor...


Diesel in Petrol Tank – Fuel Flush & Repair in Hamilton

What happens when you put diesel in a petrol vehicle? Although it is not as damaging as putting petrol in...


Car Maintenance Hamilton

About preventative car maintenance: Early diagnostics and repairs can prevent problems in your vehicle from getting worse.  An example of...


Variable Valve Timing (VVT) – Repair Hamilton

What is variable valve timing? Variable valve timing (or VVT) is a feature that is present in almost every modern...

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