About oil leaks:

Have you ever noticed oil leaking from underneath your car engine? If so, you will need it to be repaired. An oil leak can cause serious damage to your engine over time. This is because your engine relies on oil to lubricate its moving parts. When there is no oil, parts will create friction, resulting in faster wear and increased engine heat.

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Some causes of oil leaks:

Leaking engine seals – Your car’s engine has several oil seals which can become loose, perished or damaged over time. This can allow oil can to leak out of these seals

Damaged oil pan – Located directly underneath your engine, the oil pan (or sump pan) is where the oil sits. Damage to the pan or its surrounding gasket can cause oil to leak from beneath your engine.

Leaking sump plug washer – the sump plug / oil pan washer is used to seal the sump plug in the sump or oil pan. If this washer becomes damaged or the sump plug / oil pan bolt is loose, you will also see oil leaking from under your engine.

Damaged head gasket – The head gasket can become damaged, causing serious damage to your engine. If you notice oil leaks as well as thick, white smoke coming from your exhaust, your head gasket is likely damaged.

Leaking rocker cover gasket – over time the engine’s rocker gasket can perish with the constant engine heating and cooling. This can cause oil leaks.

Improperly attached oil filter – The oil filter removes contaminants from your oil, allowing it to last longer. If the filter becomes unattached or is installed incorrectly, oil can leak from your vehicle.


Symptoms of an oil leak:

Puddles of oil – Oil stains under your car’s engine are the most obvious symptom of an oil leak. You may notice puddles of oil appearing around your engine.

Higher engine temperatures – An oil leak causes increased friction, which causes increased heat. If your engine temperature is higher than normal, it could be due to an oil leak and low engine oil.

Oil light on – The oil warning light will activate if your engine’s oil is getting low.

Burning oil smell – if the oil leak gets onto hot exhaust pipe of other hot engine parts you will often get a strong and not so healthy smell of heated oil.


Car Engine Oil Leak Repairs in Hamilton

Is your car in need of an oil leak repair? If so, we can help you.

Oil leaks can be dangerous to the health of your engine, causing parts to wear much more quickly. At Grimmer Motors, we can locate the source of an oil leak in your car. Our talented, fast and qualified mechanics can then repair the problem, preventing oil from continuing to leak.

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