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Burning Smell from Clutch – Inspection & Repair Hamilton

What does a burning smell from the clutch mean? Clutch Lining Friction material overheating – A burning smell from the clutch is...


Clutch Master Cylinder Repair & Replacement

What is the clutch master cylinder? The clutch master cylinder is an important part of the transmission system in manual...


Clutch Slipping – Repair & Replacement Hamilton

How to tell if your clutch is slipping: The clutch allows you to smoothly engage and change gears in your...


Clutch Cable Adjustment, Repair & Replacement

What does the clutch cable do? The clutch cable connects the clutch to the other components in your manual transmission...


Smoky Car Exhaust – Inspection & Repair in Hamilton

About smoky exhaust emissions: The exhaust acts as an emissions outlet for your vehicle, with CO2 and other greenhouse gases constantly...


Indicator Bulb/Lens Replacement

About indicator bulbs and lenses: Your car’s indicators play an important role. They allow you to tell other drivers where...


Car Brakes Pulling to One Side – Inspection & Repair

Are your brakes pulling to one side? For optimum road safety, it is important that your brakes function correctly. If...

Car handbrake

Handbrake / Foot Brake Repair & Replacement

What is a parking brake control? Every vehicle has a parking brake control. A parking brake control is a lever...


Faded / Broken Tail Light Repair / Replacement in Hamilton

Why are the tail / parking lights important? When your car’s headlights are turned on, the tail lights (or parking...


Brake Pedal Pulsing – Inspection & Repair Hamilton

Why is my brake pedal pulsing? You may notice that when you use your car’s brake pedal, you feel a...

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