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    Brake Safety Checks & Inspections

    What is a brake safety inspection? If there’s one part of your vehicle that needs to function correctly, it’s your...


    Vehicle Oil and Lube Services

    What is a lubrication service? If your vehicle is producing squeaking noises while you drive or when you open your...

    Tyre Service

    Car Service Pricing

    The importance of Car Servicing A service allows mechanics to examine your car and perform general maintenance services such as...


    Signs of a Failing Cambelt / Timing Belt

    What does the cambelt do? The cambelt (or timing belt) is an important engine component in many vehicles. Its role...


    Car has Slow Acceleration – Inspection & Repair

    What causes a car to accelerate slowly? Inside your vehicle are various parts that help deliver fuel to the engine....


    Clutch Slave Cylinder – Repair & Replacement

    What does the clutch slave cylinder do? The clutch slave cylinder is part of the transmission / gearbox system in...


    Timing Chain Rattling – Repair & Replacement

    What does the timing chain do? The timing chain is a metal chain located inside your car’s engine. Unlike a...


    Automotive Repairs & Servicing in Hamilton

    Why is automotive servicing important? Taking your vehicle for its routine service can be the difference between your car running...


    Knocking Noise in Engine – Inspection & Repairs

    What does a knocking engine mean? Inside a combustion engine, air and fuel are burnt to create energy, giving the...


    Stretched Timing Chain – Repair & Replacement

    What does the timing chain do? Most cars have either a timing chain or a cambelt / timing belt. The...

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