Why are quality oil/filters important?

The primary purpose of oil is to lubricate engine components, reducing wear and allowing the engine to run smoothly. High-quality, synthetic oil is thinner, provides better lubrication, resists high temperatures and generally lasts longer.

Over time, engine oil picks up small pieces of metal and carbon. These small pieces of metal and carbon are then removed by the oil filter. This allows the oil in your engine to be clean, preventing engine wear over time. A high-quality oil filter will pick up more contaminants than a cheap filter. It will also last longer and keep your engine in better condition.


Which oils do we use at Grimmer Motors?

Our mechanics use Penrite Oils, a premium brand made out of the best oil bases and additives. You can read the benefits of Penrite Oils below:

  • Penrite oils coat your engine in a special zinc additive. This allows for twice as much protection against engine wear, improving the lifespan of your vehicle.
  • The oils we use also include several additives that help prevent sludge formation and piston deposits in your engine.
  • These oils also have additives that help maintain viscosity, allowing the oil to be effective for longer. They also have a low detergent and dispersant level.


Services with oil that won’t void your car’s warranty!’

When vehicles are under warranty, the owner will usually think they will be forced to take it to their dealership to be serviced. This is because if any oil or oil filter is used that is below the manufacturer’s specifications, the warranty may become void.

At Grimmer Motors, the oil and oil filters we use meet and exceed manufacturer specifications. This means that if your vehicle is under a warranty, getting an oil change from Grimmer Motors will not breach the conditions of your warranty. Additionally, our servicing packages much better value (lower cost for at least the same services) than the services offered at a dealership.


Oil Changes and Services in Hamilton

Is your vehicle due for an oil and filter change/service? If so, we can help you.

Grimmer Motors has been providing the fast, reliable, high-quality vehicle servicing to Hamilton since 1934. For a service you can count on, contact us today!


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