What does a car service consist of?

Depending on the type of service you receive, it can consist of different things. Services can range from a simple oil and filter change to a detailed inspection and maintenance package for your vehicle. Our most basic car servicing package consists of:

  • An oil and filter change.
  • Checking and topping up of various fluids.
  • A physical examination of your tyres and suspension system.
  • A physical inspection of your cooling system
  • An electronic test and printout
  • Much more


How long does a service take?

The exact length of a service varies on several things. These include the type of vehicle you have and the type of service you purchase. In most cases, your service won’t take longer than two to  three hours.

Generally an auto service centre will want you to leave the car for half a day, to allow them to fit the vehicle into their busy daily schedule . Sometimes you may want to wait while your service is done, so in this you should allow at least two hours for a premium service and less for time for smaller standard and basic services.

Some vehicles are assembled differently, meaning that they are more difficult to service. For this reason, European and diesel vehicles generally cost more to service as they take more time.

Our full, premium service can take several hours. However, if you drop your car off before 8:30 am and leave it with us until at least 2:30 pm, you will be able to receive our bonus special offers. These include:

  • A free car wash
  • A free tyre shine and dash polish
  • A free interior vacuum
  • A free electronic test and printout


What type of service should you get?

Our different servicing options allow you to choose the option that best suits your vehicle.

If you plan on owning your vehicle for the next year, we suggest that you get the premium service. This will keep your vehicle in great shape, allowing it to retain its value. You will also be able to drive with ease, knowing that your car won’t break down when you need it the most.

Car Servicing Packages in Hamilton

Is your car due for a service or oil change? If so, we can help you.

Servicing your vehicle will improve its overall health. It will also allow mechanics to examine your vehicle and fix any problems before they cause serious damage to your vehicle.

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