Basic Car Audio Installation and Repair Hamilton

Basic Car Audio Solutions in Hamilton

Removing and replacing car audio components can often be difficult and confusing. At Grimmer Motors, we want to make the process easy for you. Our team of qualified and experienced mechanics can provide a range of basic car audio solutions for your vehicle.

Head Unit Removal & Installation:

Head unit installation

Many vehicles come with old, outdated or foreign head units. These limit the ways in which you can enjoy music. We can remove and replace your old car radio, installing a new one with improved functionality. We can resolve any basic wiring problems associated with your car’s audio system, allowing it to function correctly.

Speaker Installation

As well as head units, we can also install basic speakers and sub-woofers in your vehicle. We can remove factory speakers from behind your car doors, replacing them with speakers of your choice.

Car Radio Password Fix

A common security feature in car radios is to require a code if the vehicle’s battery dies. This can be very inconvenient as it stops you from being able to use the radio until the correct code is entered. We can attempt to find the correct code or reset the car radio’s memory, allowing for it to function normally again.