Failing your Warrant of Fitness

A shocking 41% of cars fail their WoF. If your vehicle has had an extension and gone 18 months without being inspected, it is predicted that the extension will create a higher rate of failed WoFs. Due to the extension cars have gone a long period of time without being inspected, therefore it is highly likely your car will need repairs. The WoF repairs needed to pass, do take time and can often take mechanics over a day to do them. To allow for repairs it is best to book in before October. 


Annual October issue

The extension could create an annual issue. If everyone’s WoF expires in October this year then it will be every October that there is a huge influx of cars. You could be running into this issue every year if you leave your car till October. The October influx negatively impacts car owners and mechanics as well, as it will create a quiet period in April.


Safety of your vehicle

Not only is the influx of Wofs a concern but so is the safety of your car. If your vehicle has gone 18 months without an inspection it is very likely it will need some repairs. Getting your car inspected earlier could save you money in the long run. Get it examined earlier, instead of leaving it for another month and an issue getting worse or creating more issues in your vehicle. The main reason cars fail their Warrant of Fitness is because of tyres, brakes, and steering issues. If you suspect your car to be having any issues get in early and book it in now. You want your car to be safe to drive and road legal.


Warrant of Fitness in Hamilton

To book your car in for a Warrant of Fitness before the rush of October hits, go to Grimmer Motors. If you can leave your car with us from at least 8.30am to 2.30pm then we will aim to give you a FREE basic car wash and vacuum with every WOF! Book now below to avoid the rush.

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