About the air filter:


A clean air filter will have white paper-like material. As the filter becomes dirty, the material will become brown or black.

Your car’s engine runs off a combination of air and fuel. The correct combination allows for optimal fuel burning conditions, which improve engine performance and fuel efficiency. Air enters your engine through your engine’s air intake system, but needs to be filtered to prevent contaminants such as dirt and leaves entering. This is where the air filter comes in.

Your air filter catches contaminants as they enter your engine, preventing engine damage and ensuring only clean air reaches your engine’s combustion chamber. The air filter consists of pleated paper-like material with a box underneath. The air flows upwards through the paper material and contaminants fall into the box below.

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Due to the contaminants that are caught in the air filter, it will eventually need to be replaced. So when should the air filter be replaced? Find out below.


When to replace the air filter?

Most mechanics recommend having the air filter changed every 20,000 to 40.000 km. This ensures that the engine is able to run correctly. As the air filter becomes clogged and dirty, your engine will not be able to receive the right amount of air. This can affect its performance and lead to rich running conditions (too much fuel and not enough air).

It should also be noted that the lifespan of your car’s air filter can largely depend on driving habits. For example, your car’s air filter is much more likely to become clogged quickly on dirt roads, or off-road locations compared to regular city driving.


Symptoms of an air filter due for replacement:

If your air filter is clogged, dirty or malfunctioning, you may experience some of the following symptoms:

  • Check engine light on – When a dirty air filter is preventing the necessary amount of air from entering your engine, the check engine light may appear on your car’s dashboard. This happens due to your engine’s sensors detecting a lack of air.
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  • Reduced engine power – A lack of air will affect your engine’s performance. This can result in decreased acceleration, increased misfires and rough idling.
  • Increased fuel consumption – Any changes to your engine’s air/fuel ratio will affect fuel economy, meaning you will end up spending more money on petrol until the issue is fixed.
  • Visible problems upon inspection – You can inspect the air filter yourself by reading your owners manual and finding its location. If there is a build-up of dirt, sand or other contaminants, it’s probably time to get the air filter replaced.


Car Air Filter Replacement in Hamilton

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