Have you walked out to your parked car and noticed your park lights look like fog has gotten inside of them? Or noticed droplets of water on the outer glass of the lights? If so, that is a sure sign that there is moisture in your park lights. Apart from aesthetics, this is a problem that needs to be addressed. Luckily, it can often be fixed easily and without breaking the bank. 

What are park lights? 

The park lights are the lights found on the front and back of vehicles to make the outline of your car visible in

Moisture in lights.

the dark. They are relatively low-power and unlike brake lights, they are always on during nighttime. You may also refer to them as position lamps, side lights, or tail lights. 

There are many requirements your park lights must meet in order for your vehicle to be allowed on the road. For example, depending on the weight and size of your vehicle, you must have different configurations of park lights. Typically, lighter cars can have one pair of park lights in the front, and up to two pairs of park lights in the back. Meanwhile, vehicles on the heavier side can have two pairs of front park lights and three in the rear.  If you drive a motorcycle, you may have up to two park lights in the front and back respectively. 

To see other requirements of park lights, see a bulleted list here under “position lamps”. 

How does moisture get into park lights? 

Moisture can get into park lights in a few ways. 


The most common reason for moisture is condensation. If the moisture fogginess goes away after a couple of minutes, this is likely the reason. In this case, it is nothing to worry about. Condensation is very common, especially during colder, damper months. This is because there are seals through which air can force its way into the headlights, mixing with the air at warmer temperatures. The reaction that results when this occurs is the reason for condensation. 

There are a few circumstances that can increase the likelihood of experiencing condensation in the park lights. One of these is if the car is brand new. Often, if a car has been imported from a dry climate into a more humid climate, condensation will build up. Not to worry though, this usually disperses within a matter of days. 

Another reason there may be increased condensation in your park lights is if the part the bulb screws into, the bulb socket boots, has been poorly installed. If this has happened, there will be increased spaces for air to be pulled into, increasing condensation. Your bulb socket boots may also be worn out and in need of replacement. 

Water Moisture in car lights –  Replacement Hamilton

Broken seal 

If you see full droplets of water, or worse, water splashing around in your headlights, this means the seal around your bulbs is not working. Rain water could be entering your headlight along with even more room for air to enter the lights and create condensation. If this is the case, the seals need to be replaced or reinstalled onto your bulbs. 

Why does moisture need to be removed from park lights? 

Keep in mind, if you have only experienced condensation that disperses after some time, this is not a cause for concern. If you are repeatedly having this problem or the fog will not go away, there may be a problem that needs to be fixed. Most importantly, your park lights are there to alert other drivers to your presence when driving in the dark. If the build-up of fog or water is such that the brightness of your lights is affected, this is a cause for concern and can be dangerous.

Park lights are also inspected during WoF examinations. Excess water or fog in the park lights can be the reason for a failed WoF. 

Repair Water Moisture in Park Lights in Hamilton

Have you noticed moisture in your park lights? If so, we can help! 

At Grimmer Motors, our mechanics are equipped to address all kinds of light related issues, including park lights. We guarantee repairs and service that are up to all WoF standards, along with friendly and quick customer care. Regardless of your vehicle’s make and model, you can trust our shop to get your car’s lighting back into shape. Visit Grimmer Motors today to get your park lights repaired in Hamilton!


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