Warranty Car Servicing in Hamilton

When your vehicle is still under warranty, it is important that the correct products are used when it is being serviced. The quality of these products must match or exceed the products supplied to dealerships by vehicle manufacturers. In many cases, non-genuine parts or oils may void your vehicle’s warranty. This often results in drivers having to go to their dealership to get their vehicle serviced.

It’s no secret that when it comes to servicing and oil changes, dealerships are notoriously expensive. At Grimmer Motors, we offer cheaper, more competitive pricing for these services. We also offer many of the same extras as your dealership, such as free courtesy cars that you can use during the day and a free car wash.

The Best Parts & Oils for your Vehicle

A lot of warranty policies require that specific oils, filters, and parts are used to keep the warranty valid. At Grimmer Motors, we follow the requirements of these policies closely to ensure that your warranty is not voided.

We generally use high-quality Penrite oil, or an alternate oil that meets/exceeds manufacturer recommendations. This means there is no risk of your car’s warranty agreement being voided. The parts we use are from trusted suppliers and are designed to last the test of time.

Why Choose Us?

When you bring your vehicle to Grimmer Motors, we can assure you that you will receive the highest quality servicing. With over 95% of our customers being happy with the services and repairs they received, our workshop provides reliable, honest servicing to Hamilton.

Our services also include a FREE car wash! For the best chance of getting your vehicle washed, simply make sure you drop your vehicle off before 8:30 am and leave it with us until at least 2:30 pm. The car wash is optional, so please let us know if you’d rather we don’t wash your vehicle.

We also offer courtesy cars for longer, more time consuming services. This allows you to get on with your important tasks and pick your car up later. Limited courtesy cars are available. For best chances, let us know when you book a service.

How often should you change the oil on a warranty?

We recommend that you follow your car’s maintenance schedule as closely as possible. The number can vary, but for most engines, it is best to change the oil once every 10,000 km or 12 months – whichever comes first. Routine oil changes improve the lifespan of your vehicle by decreasing engine wear and promoting smooth operation.

We also recommend regularly checking your oil levels as leaking can happen even in newer, warranty-protected vehicles. Leaks can lead to harsh engine operation and increased wear on engine components.

Book your Warranty Service / Oil Change Today

If you’ve driven over 10,000 km since your last service, don’t wait to book your car in for another service. Act now and keep your engine in great condition. At Grimmer Motors, we use premium oils and filters to keep your car’s engine in great condition. We also provide detailed inspections and tests to ensure everything is running correctly and safely.

Grimmer Motors has been providing reliable servicing, repairs, and maintenance to Hamilton drivers since 1934. This makes us the longest running mechanics in the city. To book an appointment, either call us on (07) 855 2037 or use the button below to book online.


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