About steering wheel vibrations:

Have you noticed that your car’s steering wheel is shaking when you accelerate, brake or turn? If so, a repair may be necessary to fix the problem.

When parts such as the steering wheel vibrate, the stability, safety and smoothness of your car’s operation may be compromised. While it may seem like a small annoyance, a vibrating steering wheel can indicate that there is a serious problem with your car’s tyres, bearings, suspension or brakes. When these problems are left for long periods of time, they can become worse, resulting in an expensive repair being needed.


Common causes of a vibrating steering wheel:

A worn wheel bearing.

  • Incorrect or unbalanced wheels – Unbalanced wheels are the most common cause of a shaking steering wheel. When a tyre is installed, it should be balanced to ensure that its weight is evenly distributed. If unbalanced wheels are ignored, the tres will wear more quickly and you may experience problems with the steering and suspension system.
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  • Tyre problems -Worn-out or unevenly worn tyres can also contribute to steering wheel vibrations. Tyres with uneven tread wear, bulges, or flat spots can cause imbalances and vibrations, affecting the smoothness of the steering.
  • Damaged or worn wheel bearings – Wheel bearings distribute weight and promote efficient wheel rotation. The wheel bearings connect to the axle or hub assembly to the wheel, meaning that the drive shaft will be affected if the bearings are damaged or not lubricated. This can lead to a shaking steering wheel and loud noises while you are driving.
  • Brake issues – Faulty or worn-out brake components can cause vibrations that can be felt in the steering wheel. Warped brake discs or uneven brake pad wear can lead to pulsation or vibrations when braking, affecting the steering wheel.
  • Suspension problems – Your car’s suspension system consists of many parts such as shocks, springs struts. These parts help your car to absorb bumps and stay in contact with the ground at all times. If a problem arises with any of these components, your car may begin to vibrate while you are driving.
  • Drivetrain issues – Problems with the drivetrain, such as worn-out CV joints or a faulty universal joint (U-joint), can cause vibrations that are transmitted to the steering wheel. These components are responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels, and if they are damaged, they can lead to vibrations.


Common symptoms & diagnostics

  • Steering wheel shakes while turning – This is usually associated with worn, damaged or unlubricated wheel bearings.
  • Steering wheel shakes while going over bumps – This is usually associated with a faulty suspension component.
  • Steering wheel shakes while accelerating – Uneven or worn tyres can cause the steering wheel to shake while you are accelerating or driving at high speeds.

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Is it safe to drive with a vibrating steering wheel?

We recommend that you avoid driving if your steering wheel is vibrating too much. Low levels of vibration won’t affect your driving, but it’s important to not that vibrations will generally get worse over time if ignored.

A vibrating steering wheel can affect your ability to maintain precise control over your vehicle, making it challenging to steer smoothly and accurately, especially in critical situations. Additionally, constant vibrations can lead to increased driver fatigue and discomfort, impairing concentration and reaction times.

It’s important to note that a vibrating steering wheel is often a symptom of an underlying problem, such as wheel imbalance, tyre issues, or suspension problems. Ignoring the vibrations can worsen these issues, leading to further damage and potentially expensive repairs.

Shaking Steering Wheel Repairs & Diagnostics in Hamilton

Is your car’s steering wheel shaking while your drive? If so, we can help!

At Grimmer Motors, our team of highly skilled mechanics can quickly determine the cause of your shaking steering wheel. We can then provide high-quality repairs, allowing your car to drive smoothly again. Whether its a suspension repair, wheel alignment or wheel bearing replacement, we are happy to help.

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