How to Grow Potatoes using Tyres

NZ might be scared chipless but fear no more.

Grimmer Motors has an answer to the chipocalypse, climate change and potatoes for Christmas day and your summer barby’s.

Growing potatoes in tyres can be a great alternative to the traditional way of raising potatoes in rows. This method is great for confined space, is inexpensive, fun for the family, and best of all helps mother earth.  If you need tyres, call in or phone Grimmer Motors on 855 2037.


Step 1: Tater-tyre

Tip:  Black tyres absorb the heat.  You may like to paint the tyres first with a non-toxic, light-coloured paint to keep the potatoes cooler.  It’s a great activity to do with the kids too!

  1. Place one or two tyres in a suitable spot.
  2. Potatoes don’t like to get water-logged (hence the chipocalypse) so have good drainage.  Simply place a layer of rocks inside the first tyre.
  3. Add some good soil maybe mixed with compost or potato fertiliser to just over half the depth of the tyre/s.
  4. Then place 4 or 5 seed potatoes, about 2 inches deep, with the eyes or shoots facing up.
  5. Cover with a couple of inches of soil and water well. (Or just wait for the rain in an hour or so!)



Step 2: Grow Chart

  • As the foliage grows to about 15 cm high, add another tyre to the stack.
  • Add more soil around the young plants.
  • Repeat with more tyres and soil until your stack is 3 to 4 tyres high.
  • Young potatoes will form all the way up the stack of tyres.


Step 3: Enjoy the Rewards of Growing Your Own Potatoes

Wait to harvest your main crop of potatoes until the potato plant foliage turns brown. Then cut off at the stems, wait a few days, then dismantle the tyres.  And voila.  You’ll reap your harvest!