Looking after your Uber Hybrid vehicle

If you drive with Uber, you will need to be able to count on your vehicle running correctly. A healthy vehicle will keep your passengers happy and allow you to drive around the city without stress. Below are some things you should keep an eye on:

Oil levels – We recommend that you check the colour of your oil regularly. Old, dirty oil can damage your engine, reducing the lifespan of your vehicle.

Brakes – To reduce the risk of an accident, all of your braking components should work correctly. Be sure to keep an eye on your brake fluid levels.

Tyres – The tread depth of your tyres shouldn’t be under the legal minimum. We also recommend that you always keep a close on on the inflation and quality of your spare tyre. You never know when you will need it.

Common Diagnosis and Repair – examples of what we commonly diagnose and repair for your Toyota Prius Hybrid are:

  • The triangle on the dash
  • Hybrid system in limp mode and only driving at very low speed
  • The Check Engine Light (CEL) or any other light on the dash
  • High Voltage (HV) battery related fault codes
  • High Voltage (HV) fault codes in  the motor / generators
  • Hesitation or surging at light throttle


Electronic tests – why are they important?

An electronic test can detect issues in your vehicle that you don’t know about. These issues can then quickly be fixed before they cause bigger, more expensive problems.

At Grimmer Motors,  we develop and use the latest state of the art technology to obtain readings of your Hybrid vehicle’s battery and engine. We have purchased plus developed world leading technology to scan and measure the quality and condition of your Hybrids engine and High Voltage (HV) battery. We can then use this data to track the health of your vehicles engine and HV battery over time and identify problems.

Uber vehicle servicing in Hamilton

A service allows mechanics to inspect your vehicle, identifying any faults that may cause problems. It also allows for general maintenance to be performed on your vehicle. Higher quality services will give you peace of mind from preventative maintenance.

At Grimmer Motors, we offer several different servicing packages to our customers. These all include a free car wash and free electronic test!

Hamilton’s Toyota Hybrid specialists

The Toyota Prius (as well as Hybrid Camry) are one of the most common Uber/taxi vehicles. Its hybrid engine and High Voltage (HV) battery allows for amazing fuel economy. Unfortunately, many workshops aren’t experienced with hybrid technology.

Grimmer Motors believes that hybrid and electric vehicles are the future of personal transportation. We have invested heavily in scan tools and software which allow us to diagnose problems in hybrid vehicles such as the Prius. For hybrid repairs and servicing, visit Grimmer Motors today!


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