What is a Turbo Timer?

A turbo timer is a device designed to keep your vehicle running for a pre-set period of time after you take your key out. This is done in order to allow oil and coolant to run over the turbo bearings to cool the vehicle down. The cool-down period is required to prevent premature turbo wear and failure. The timer lets you manually set the timer to when you want the engine to shut off, once leaving the car. 

Why is a Turbo Timer important?

A turbocharged car can suffer premature wear after the vehicle has been driven on boost for any length of time, and then been switched off straight away. Shutting the engine off immediately stops the oil feed into the turbo. If you shut your engine off after a long hard drive, the hot engine oil that is trapped between the turbo compressors breaks down into carbon deposits around the bearing. This can result in poor circulation in the future, blown seals, and eventually result in the failure of the turbo.

Damages to the Turbo

The turbocharger on a car uses the energy of hot exhaust gas to drive a turbine. This spins an air compressor that pushes extra air into the cylinders, allowing them to burn more fuel each second and operate at extremely high speeds up to 180,000 rpm. Turbos are built to handle high temperatures generated during driving. 

However, the excessive exhaust temperature or too quickly turning off the engine after driving can lead to the accumulation of carbon from oil waste. The heat of the exhaust moving to the central body causes the burning of the oil and corrosion of the turbo bearings. Most of the damage happens on the ring and grooves of the turbine shaft and the bearing of the turbine. The burnt oil creates a blockage that restricts the outflow of oil in the centre. The accumulation of carbon causes friction, which results in bends and cracks of the turbo.

Is a Turbo Timer necessary?

A turbo timer isn’t a must when having a turbo-powered car. When keeping the condition of your turbo up it comes down to either having a turbo timer or making a conscious effort to idle in your car for a short period of time once you’ve reached your destination.

A turbo timer is a good device to ensure that your turbo won’t get premature wear and failure. Leaving your car to also idle will prevent your turbo from failing. However, it is hard for most to ensure that they will always make the effort to idle their car. Therefore to save yourself money on any kind of turbo repairs, get a turbo timer installed. 



Turbo Timer Installation in Hamilton

To ensure the condition of your turbo it is best to get a turbo timer, it could save you a lot of money in repairs in the long run. For turbo timer installation contact Grimmer Motors today. We can organise a time to get a turbo timer installed in your vehicle. 

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