What is the transmission speed sensor?New transmission peed sensor Hamilton

In modern cars with automatic transmissions, the transmission speed sensor or sometime call turbine speed sensor is an important component. Its purpose is to detect the rotational speed of the transmission’s torque converter and/or input shaft. It then sends this information to your car’s onboard computer, which makes adjustments that allow the transmission to operate and shift smoothly.

Since the engine and transmission rotate at different speeds, the transmission speed sensor will often operate simultaneously with one or more engine speed sensors. The car’s onboard computer will use the information from all of these sensors to determine when the gears need to be changes.

If the turbine speed sensor detects that the rotational speed of the transmission is too high, your car may shift gears upwards. If the transmission’s rotational speed drops due to you slowing down, the transmission will shift gears downwards. This prevents your engine’s RPMs from getting top high and increased fuel efficiency.

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Symptoms of a faulty transmission speed / turbine sensor:

A faulty transmission speed sensor can cause various symptoms that indicate its malfunction. Here are some common signs of a faulty transmission speed sensor:

Rough gear shifting – You may notice that the transmission struggles to shift gears. This can happen due to the transmission speed sensor providing incorrect, or inconsistent readings. A faulty sensor can also prevent your car from shifting to higher gears, reducing its acceleration and power.

Higher RPMs – When your car is struggling to shift gears upwards, it will stay in its current gear. This will cause increased RPMs and engine noise, as well as sluggish acceleration and increased fuel consumption.

Cruise control problems – Cruise control keeps your engine and transmission running at a certain level to maintain a certain speed. Problems with the transmission speed sensor can cause incorrect readings, which will prevent cruise control from working correctly.

Harsh or delayed transmission changes– A malfunctioning speed sensor can disrupt the transmission’s ability to engage properly. This can result in harsh or delayed engagements when shifting from park to drive or reverse.

Check Engine or Transmission Dash Light On – a faulty Transmission Speed Sensor or Automatic  Transmission Turbine Sensor can cause the car computers to system into limp mode. This may lock the automatic transmission into a low gear and is designed so that you can get somewhere safely without doing further damage.


Where is the transmission speed sensor located?

The exact location of the transmission speed sensor can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. In most cases, the transmission speed sensor is located on the transmission housing or the transmission case. It is typically mounted near the transmission output shaft or the differential.

To locate the transmission speed sensor, you may need to refer to the vehicle’s repair manual or consult with a qualified mechanic. In some vehicles, the sensor is easily accessible from underneath the vehicle, while in others, it may require removing certain components or accessing it from the engine compartment.

The speed sensor is typically a small, cylindrical or rectangular-shaped component with an electrical connector attached to it. It may have one or two wires connected to it, depending on the type of sensor.


Transmission Speed Sensor Replacement in Hamilton

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