Why do Trailers need WoFs?

In order to legally use a trailer on New Zealand roads, the trailer must have an appropriate Warrant of Fitness certification. This ensures that the trailer’s lights, wheel bearings, tyres, tow bar couplings, and reflectors are functioning properly, improving everyone’s safety.

It’s very easy to hook up your trailer and use it without thinking to check if it has a current WoF or registration. However, you may be at risk of fines or potential safety issues if the WOF has expired. Keep you, your family, and others safe on the roads, plus avoid the risk of your trailer parts breaking down,  or getting a fine, by ensuring your trailer has a registration and WoF as soon as possible.


Types of trailer WOFs

Light trailer WOFStandard Trailer WoF

A standard trailer WoF covers most types of trailers found on New Zealand roads. A standard trailer is identified by its single axle. Common types of standard trailer include:

  • Light trailers
  • Small caged trailers
  • Boat trailers


Commercial Trailer WoF

A commercial (or full) trailer has two axle sets and is used for transporting heavier equipment such as bulk supplies and other vehicles.


Trailer WOF inspections in Hamilton

Is your trailer due for a Warrant of Fitness inspection? If so, we can help! At Grimmer Motors, we provide expert trailer WOF testing. We value honesty and accuracy with our WOF testing, meaning you get genuine feedback about the status of your trailer.

If there are any issues with your trailer that caused it to fail a WOF, we can provide expert in-house repairs, replacements and servicing to get the trailer road-worthy again.

Why choose Grimmer Motors?

  • Grimmer Motors provides an independent, accurate Warrant of Fitness examination. The results are honest and accurate.
  • Our technicians have experience with inspecting and repairing all sorts of diesel vehicles, including utes, vans and cars.
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