What is the throttle body?

The throttle body is part of your car’s air intake system. Its role is to control the amount of air that enters your engine in relation to how far down the accelerator pedal is pushed. Inside the throttle body is a small round throttle plate, which opens when the accelerator is pressed down, allowing air to pass through.

Most new throttle body systems are electronically controlled, and they no longer use a throttle cable. This means that they have one or more accelerator pedal sensors which detect the use of the accelerator and open the throttle plate via servo motors accordingly. The engine throttle body also has throttle position sensors which can tell the angle that the throttle plate is open.

Air is vital to engine performance as it mixes with fuel and burns, giving your engine the necessary power to run correctly. When your car accelerates, the engine relies on the correct throttle plate position and corresponding amount of air to run correctly. A lack of air will result in a rich fuel mixture (too much fuel and not enough air).

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Causes of throttle body problems:

Plate stuck open – If the plate inside your throttle body becomes stuck open, too much air will enter your engine, significantly affecting its performance.

Plate stuck closed – Alternatively, the plate can become stuck shut. This will result in not enough air entering your engine. This will significantly increase fuel consumption and may result in black smoke coming from the exhaust.

Throttle body dirty – Over time, the throttle body can become clogged with carbon especially as your engine gets older and the piston rings begin to wear. Also any tiny debris that the air filter failed to catch can mix with the carbon (from engine blow by). Therefore the throttle body should be periodically cleaned in order to maximise its effectiveness. If your throttle body is dirty and causing your engine to run rough then cleaning your throttle body can often quickly resolve these issues. 


Symptoms of a throttle body in need of cleaning:

Check engine light – The check engine light will turn on if the throttle body becomes stuck shut or closed or is intermittently out of position. This is due to sensors detecting irregularities in the accelerator pedal position and corresponding throttle position.
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Rough idling – A faulty throttle body can affect the way your car idles. It may idle roughly with larger than normal vibration.
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Engine Stalling – a dirty throttle body can often lead to your engine stalling, often at the worst times such as in heavy traffic, on roundabouts, give way signs or traffic lights. This can often be due to insufficient air entering the engine through the throttle body. Sometimes there can be a blocked air bypass hole in the throttle body, often from excess engine carbon / oil that hardens into a crust when it cools down.

Reduced engine performance – If the engine throttle body is out of alignment then the engine, and its performance will be affected. You may notice that your car struggles to reach higher speeds, or has less power up hills or doesn’t always change gears correctly. 

Increased fuel consumption – Incorrect air levels in entering the engine can lead to your car using more fuel. This is because the fuel is not burnt properly and wasted. It will often leave your exhaust as black smoke.


New Car Throttle Body or Throttle Body Cleaning in Hamilton

At Grimmer Motors, we can install a new throttle body into your car’s air intake system, or often clean the throttle body you currently have in order to make your engine perform properly again. This will allow for increased performance and improved driveability. Our team of experienced, and qualified mechanics can examine your air intake system, determining if the throttle body is the problem and provide you with reliable, effective repairs.

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