Why is your steering wheel hard to turn?

Power steering fluid can be checked by examining the power steering fluid reservoir.

Power steering fluid can be checked by examining the power steering fluid reservoir.

When the steering wheel requires more force to turn, it is almost always caused due to a problem in the power steering system. Power steering is a feature in modern cars that makes turning your steering wheel easier. The power steering system does this by using hydraulic forces to increase the force that is applied to the steering system when you turn the wheel.

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A slow-turning steering wheel can make driving difficult and dangerous, especially for drivers that are not used to driving without power steering. This is because it will take more force and more time to move your steering wheel, increasing the time it takes to avoid obstacles. For this reason, it is important to drive carefully and get the power steering system fixed as soon as possible.


Causes of steering wheel difficult to turn:

Below are some of the most common causes associated with a stiff or hard to turn steering wheel:

  • Low power steering fluid – Power steering fluid is compressed by the power steering pump to generate hydraulic pressure. This allows the power steering system to function correctly. If your power steering fluid is low due to a leak, or due for replacement, the system may not work correctly.
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  • Damaged drive belt – The drive belt is an important component that provides energy to the power steering, water pump, alternator and air conditioning. If it breaks, the power steering system will not work. A broken drive belt can also cause overheating, charging system and other problems.
  • Bad power steering pump, reservoir or hoses – The internal components of your power steering system can all be subject to wear over time. Damaged power steering parts can lead to leaks and reduced functionality.
  • Incorrect tyre pressure – A hard to turn steering wheel can also be caused by extremely low pressure in one or more of your tyres.
  • Damaged power steering rack – if your power steering rack is bent or binds in certain locations, then this will also make it difficult to turn the steering wheel normally.
  • Damaged steering column – if the universal joints or the bushes / bearings on the steering column become seized then this will also make it harder than usual to tun the steering wheel.


Power Steering & Steering Wheel Repairs in Hamilton

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