What are steering rack mounts / bushes?

The steering rack is a key part of your car’s steering system. It works with the pinion gear to allow for smooth, precise turning of the vehicle. Steering rack mounts (or bushes) are attached to your car’s power steering rack and frame. They are used to absorb impacts and increase stability. This allows for smoother, less bumpy steering and driving. 

The steering rack mounts are constantly moving side to side. This can cause them to eventually wear and need replacement. A worn steering rack bushing / mount will affect your car’s safety, stability and comfort. For this reason, most mechanics will examine the steering rack bushings when any suspension-related service takes place. 

Correctly working steering rack bushes are a Warrant of Fitness (WoF) item, and your vehicle may fail a WOF if your steering rack bushes are worn or damaged.

How does the steering rack work?


Signs and symptoms of worn steering rack mounts / bushes

  • Jerking movements from the steering wheel – You may notice that your steering wheel suddenly jerks to the left or right while you are driving. This is most likely caused by a worn bushing or loose bearing in your steering rack. Since unpredictable movements are a safety hazard, it is recommended that if your car does this, you get it seen be a specialist as soon as possible/
  • Clunking noises – A clunking noise from the steering column generally means that the bushing is loose or in need of replacement. This clunking noise can be heard through your steering wheel. It will be most noticeable on bumpy terrain.
  • Steering wheel vibrations – When a steering rack mount wears out completely, it will cause your steering wheel to vibrate. The intensity of these vibrations can cause other components to come loose, resulting in a serious issue that can cost a lot more to fix.
  • Popping noises – As the bushings begin to fail, you may notice a popping noise when you turn the steering wheel. This is due to the bushings not holding the steering rack in place properly and parts becoming misaligned. 


Common causes of worn steering rack mounts / bushes:

  • Age and mileage: Over time, the constant use and exposure to road conditions can cause the steering rack mounts or bushes to wear out. The more a vehicle is driven and the older it gets, the greater the likelihood of wear and tear on these components.
  • Road vibrations and impacts: Roads are not always perfectly smooth, and driving over potholes, speed bumps, or rough surfaces can subject the steering rack mounts or bushes to excessive vibrations and impacts. This can gradually lead to their degradation and eventual failure.
  • Environmental factors: Exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, and corrosive substances can accelerate the wear of steering rack mounts or bushes. Harsh weather conditions, road salt, and chemicals used for de-icing can contribute to the deterioration of these components.
  • Incorrect installation or maintenance: If the steering rack mounts or bushes are not installed correctly or if proper maintenance practices are neglected, it can accelerate their wear. This includes factors such as incorrect torque specifications during installation or neglecting to lubricate the bushings as recommended.
  • Aggressive driving habits: Aggressive driving behaviors like hard braking, rapid acceleration, and taking corners at high speeds can place additional stress on the steering system, including the mounts or bushes. Similarly, off-road driving or traversing uneven terrain can subject these components to more severe conditions and increase the likelihood of wear.


New Steering Rack Mounts / Bushings in Hamilton

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