About Car Starter Relays:

Car starter relays are a very important part of your cars ignition system. When you turn the key in your car, it’s the starter relays job to change the circuit to the starter solenoid which will provide power to the starter motor and turn the engine. This also happens with systems that use a wireless key that has to be within a wireless range for the car start button to work. The relay also controls the ignition switch circuit which allow you to turn off the engine when the key is removed or start/stop button pressed.


How serious is a damaged Starter Relay:

It isn’t common for a starter relay to wear out but it is possible due to the high energy it must handle each time the car is started. If your stater relay does wear out it will mean your car will not start, which is a serious issue. If you are worried that you car is struggling to start or your car isn’t starting, it is recommended that you get this check right away.


Causes of a faulty Starter Relay: 

– Water damage: Corrosion or rust on or around the starter relay or starter relay circuit, could indicate water damage to the starter relay. This means the starter relay may be faulty and cause it to not work.

– Starter relay wear: Because the starter relay is constantly dealing with high energy, it can eventually wear down the terminals or other parts of the starter motor. This will cause the starter relay to not work.

– Trying to start the engine while it is running: If the engine is started and the ignition system is held on, or the ignition system is activated while the car is already running it could cause serious damage. This could damage the starter relay and cause the starter relay and system to not work


Symptoms of a faulty Starter Relay:

– Engine won’t start: The most common symptom of a damaged starter motor is that the engine wont start. If you turn the key or press the start button and the engine does nothing/doesn’t turn over, it could be a problem with your starter relay.

– Intermittent Starting: If the engine struggles to start sometimes, it could be a problem with the starter relay. The terminals in the starter relay may have worn and only intermittently touch to start your vehicle.

– Starter system stays on: If you press the button or start the car and release the key, the starter circuit should be off. If the starter system stays on, it could be because the terminals in the starter relay are stuck together, meaning the circuit will be complete and running even though the key has been released. If this is the case it should be looked at immediately to prevent further damage.

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Starter Relay replacements in Hamilton:

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