Does servicing save money? The short answer is yes. If you take your vehicle in for regular servicing and inspections, you could save a lot of money over time. Find out why below.

Regular servicing will save you money.

A lot of the time, vehicle faults will be disregarded by the car’s owner. This type of behaviour will often lead to costly vehicle damage due to the problems becoming worse over time.

Think about a car windshield. A small crack is a cheap, easy to fix issue. However, the crack can become worse, causing serious damage if ignored. The same idea can be applied to other parts of your vehicle such as your engine, exhaust, tyres and suspension system. Repairing a vehicle fault is cheaper, faster and less stressful if it is attended to promptly.


Mechanics can detect unnoticed faults in your vehicle.

A lot of the time, vehicles have underlying issues that go unnoticed by their owners. This is because they are yet to cause a noticeable effect on the vehicle. Unfortunately, a fault may have already caused damage to other components once it has been noticed by the car’s driver.

When you bring your car into a workshop, your mechanic will be able to check your vehicle for a variety of faults that often go unnoticed by drivers. At our workshop, we will test your vehicle with our advanced diagnostic tools. This test will give us detailed information about your vehicle’s health so that any faults can be attended to immediately.

Grimmer Motors system also saves all of your vehicles data our secure database in the cloud. This means that we keep a full history of your vehicle online, so that we can track your vehicles “state of tune” and health over time.


Regular servicing will extend your car’s life.


A general vehicle service will include replacing of your oil, replacing other fluids, examining your engine, suspension as well as other vehicle health and safety checks.

The engine is generally considered to be the most expensive part of a car to fix, with full engine replacements costing thousands of dollars. Having clean oil will significantly increase the life of your engine. This is because each oil change rids the engine of harmful contaminants that have become stuck in the oil. Regular engine inspections will also allow issues to be quickly identified and fixed, saving you lots of money long term.


Servicing will give you peace of mind while driving.

Servicing a vehicle significantly reduces the risk of breakdowns or other unexpected vehicle behaviour while you are driving. This means that you won’t have to worry about your vehicle’s health while you are driving.


Serviced cars have a higher resell value.

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A regularly serviced vehicle is worth more than a neglected vehicle. When a buyer sees that a vehicle has been serviced often, they will know that it has been cared for, with the oil being regularly changed and problems being promptly identified.

If you wish to sell your car in the future, you will be able to give your buyer peace of mind by providing them with the vehicle’s servicing records. These will provide the buyer with a comprehensive history of the vehicle.