Car suspensions are one of the many parts of your car you probably do not think of in day to day driving. However, they are one of the main contributing factors to the way your drives. The first things you may consider in this category might be horsepower or rate of acceleration, but your suspension is equally important. The job of the suspension is to make the drive of the car smooth by maximising contact the tyres have with the road. (See more about how suspension works here). The suspension is one of the major systems within your vehicle so if it has suffered damage, it is essential to get it repaired.

What causes rusty suspension? 

Rusty suspension springs.

Rusty suspension springs.

Because suspension parts are made up of mostly metal, it is susceptible to rusting. The springs, shocks, struts, control arms, and suspension mounts are all metal and can experience rust at some point.

Like any other metal part, there are two factors that contribute to rusting and corrosion. 

First is moisture. Moisture creates an environment that allows rust to form through the reaction of iron and oxygen in the metal. This then causes the metal to corrode, which means it will break down slowly over time. In most cases, the parts within the suspension do not completely fail due to this cause but the metal’s integrity is lowered which makes it less effective. 

Second is abrasion which will also speed up the process of the metal breakdown when the suspension is rusty. This occurs when the part is rubbed and scraped by materials and debris from the road. This wears down any coating the parts may have more quickly, allowing the metal to be exposed and thus being more susceptible to breakage. 

The different parts within the suspension come with different levels of concern if they experience rusting. 

The most concerning would be suspension mounts, which are attachment points where suspension parts are bolted. Because this area meets the other parts of the car, this sort of damage will be very expensive to repair entirely. 

The next concerning part would be control arms. The control arm is a link within the suspension system that carries the wheel. If this part has suffered significant rusting, it can cause issues with the handling. 

The least concerning parts are the shocks and struts. These are made up of a piston which moves in and out of an oil filled tube. This part often develops rust on its surface, which is typically not cause for concern. However, if the rust is left for prolonged time, it can result in corrosion and rot which would need to be replaced. 

How do I know if my suspension is rusty? 

If your suspension has rust, there is no easy way to diagnose the problem. In general, if your car is rusting in some visible areas, it is likely there is rust elsewhere. The appearance of rust is not always a sign that parts need to be replaced which is why it is important to have your vehicle checked regularly.

You may notice other issues with your suspension that signal they need a replacement. If you experience any of these symptoms, your car should be brought to a trusted mechanic as soon as possible.

Why do I need to replace rusty suspension parts? 

As mentioned, the suspension smoothes out the drive of your vehicle. Most importantly, the suspension increases the control of the vehicle for the driver. A vehicle with damaged suspension will have a harder time taking turns, instability in handling and braking, and controlling car sway and wheel alignment. Indirectly, it can cause unnecessary wear on other vehicle systems and tires, which can drive up the cost of repairs on top of creating unsafe driving conditions. 

Rust on your suspension mounts, control arms, shock absorbers and other suspension parts can lead you to fail a Warrant of Fitness (WOF).


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