Risks and Dangers of Towing

Towing cars with a tow rope are dangerous and potentially damaging to the car being towed, and we always recommend avoiding using a tow rope and instead use a flatbed tow truck.

If you’re in a real emergency and you have a car that can be towed such as a manual then here are some of the risks and dangers of towing. In New Zealand, the longest amount of tow rope allowed is 4 meters when you are towing a car. The rope can be shorter, however, the tow rope needs to be long enough so that the car being towed can react and slow down on the car in front stops suddenly. If you are only traveling a short distance there are towing connections underneath the car (or under small covers in the bumper with a screw-in attachment from your boot) that can serve as a way to tow over a short distance.


You should always tow as slow as possible never exceeding around 20 to 30 kph.

*You may not realize that when you tow with a tow rope either car may not be covered by insurance due to the risks involved and possible tow rope exclusions in your insurance policy. Please check with your insurance to make sure that both cars are covered before towing with a tow rope.

If you are towing a car by tow rope a driver should stay in the driver’s seat of the car being towed. The car being towed should have the engine running so that it has power steering and power braking working. This is because in the event of the tow car stopping or slowing down the car being towed can stop before any damage is caused to either of the cars. Likewise, without power steering, you have very minimal control of the car being towed which can lead to damage to either of the cars or other property. If you cannot run the engine of the car that is being towed then we highly recommend that you don’t tow use a rope and instead use a flatbed tow truck.

The person that is being towed needs to keep a constant tension on the tow rope using the brakes to avoid sudden jolting of both vehicles as the tow rope tightens and slackens. Not having constant tension on the tow rope can snap the tow rope or damage either vehicle and cause discomfort or whiplash for both drivers due to sudden acceleration. Sometimes when the engine does not run the driver of the vehicle being towed has to rely on the handbrake to stop or slow down which we do not recommend due to lack of control.

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Car Towing Service in Hamilton

Do you need a car transported via a tow truck or repaired? If so, you’ve come to the right place! At Grimmer Motors, we strongly recommend that you move a broken down vehicle via a flatbed tow truck. We can give you contact phone numbers to use or in some situations organize the tow truck for you that can bring the vehicle to us for the necessary car estimates and repairs. This will minimize the risk of damage to you and your car.

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